Pergolas Make The Perfect Father’s Day Gift For The Outdoorsy Dad

Pergolas Make The Perfect Father’s Day Gift For The Outdoorsy Dad It’s father’s day, the one day of the year specially marked to celebrate the relationship between fathers and their children. And the best way to honor and toast this special day is with a gift.    As always, we want our gifts to important […]

How To Restore Your Wooden Fence After Toronto’s Brutal Winter

  How’s your wooden fence looking after the winter season we have just had in Toronto? Hopefully, not too bad.    Snow has the effect of making even ordinary landscapes look serene and beautiful. But for your wooden fences, it hardly ever feels like a winter wonderland, even with all your winter preparation efforts.   […]

Do I Need My Neighbour’s Permission Before Fencing My Property?

Fencing in Kitchener: Do I Need My Neighbour’s Permission Before Fencing My Property? When you erect a fence around your residential property in Kitchener, not too often do you envisage a conflict with your neighbors. Your intentions with the fence are often to improve privacy, protect your children and pets, and to keep out unwanted […]

COVID-19 Update

Jay Fencing Ltd. is open & we intend to continue to conduct our business with precautions until directed otherwise. During this time of the CoronaVirus (Covid19) outbreak uncertainty the safety of our employees, customers & community is our primary concern. We are following guidelines on social distancing, hygiene and sanitization. We want to continue to […]

5 Reasons Why Your Home Will Benefit From A Deck Installation

A well-tended backyard can be a convenient escape after hectic weeks at the office. Just grab a book and a good bottle of wine and park yourself down on a rocking chair for some much needed alone time.  More than that, with the right infrastructure in place, that backyard becomes the perfect area for entertaining […]

Understanding Gazebos For Kitchener [Definition, Purpose & Construction Tips]

Gazebos provide a sheltered area in your garden or backyard where you can kick back and relax, enjoy some fresh air, and take in the beautiful sights of your lush, well-manicured garden. These structures can also be used as a focal point to amplify your property’s curb appeal. What Is A Gazebo? Gazebos are freestanding […]

How To Clean And Protect Your Wooden Deck All Year-Round

Wooden decks provide an outdoor area where you can relax and entertain friends and family. The warm tones of the wood, set against the backdrop of a lush garden will add to the beauty of your property as a whole.  But these decks come with the added responsibility of regular cleaning and maintenance to preserve […]

Driveway Gates Guide – Get Both Form And Function Right

What do you consider when deciding on a driveway gate for your new home or renovation project? Many people choose form over function. After all, the driveway gate is what visitors to your home see and interact with first. So it is excusable that you will put greater thought into how the gate looks over […]

Choose Chain Link Fencing For Your Commercial Property In Toronto. Here’s Why

In this article, we will show you why chain link fencing is the right way to present and secure your commercial property in Toronto. Where we have erected them around public facilities and commercial property, chain link fences have enhanced security and allowed property owners to concentrate on their core operations. To prove that chain […]

5 Important Questions To Ask Your Fencing Company in Toronto

Are you planning on erecting a fence around your residential property? In this article, we will discuss the important questions you must ask your fencing company in Toronto before hiring them. Hire the wrong fencing contractor and you may be setting yourself up for disputes and costs you can’t recover.  Perhaps the first question to […]