How To Maintain A Wood Fence [Guide]

      An heirloom wooden table, dresser, or rocking chair can all be restored to look as good as new and ready for the next generation. All it needs is a lick of paint or varnish. But there is very little you can do to restore a wooden fence battered by years of rain […]

How To Deal With A Bad Fencing Contractor

We have talked a lot and written articles on the tell-tale signs that the fencing contractor you are considering may not be the right one for you.   One of these is searching the Better Bussiness Bureau for their list of accredited fencing contractors in London, Ontario. But what if you realize too late that […]

5 Chain Link Fence Maintenance Tips: How To Maintain Your Chain Link Fence To Last Longer

Chain link fences have all the essential qualities you need in a fence. They are strong, affordable, and secure. Another quality that endears this fence type to both residential and commercial property owners is they hardly need any maintenance.   The outdoor environment is, however, tough for anything that rusts. The weather in Brantford, which […]

Canada Green Homes Grant: Fit More into Your Home Improvement Budget

  Every year, there always seems to be more than one repair or improvement you have to do on your home, either to boost curb appeal, improve comfort, or lower your energy bills. The trouble is there is never enough money to fit it all in your budget.    If you have been stuck between […]

Soaring Lumber Prices In Canada: Causes, Effects, And The Outlook

  Lumber prices in Canada have risen more than 170 percent in the last six months. With the soaring demand for new houses and the growing numbers of homeowners planning remodels, fencing, and other home improvement projects, prices are not expected to settle back to pre-pandemic levels anytime soon.   It’s not just the price […]

8 Undeniable Benefits of Installing a Fence on Your Residential Property

When you buy a home, one of the great investments you can make to your property is installing a fence around it. Homeowners with children and pets know the importance of fencing their properties.  You have probably heard that installing a fence around your residential property increases its value, protects your family and offers privacy. […]

What Makes a Good Commercial Fence?

  Businesses in Cambridge, as indeed everywhere else, face many risks. But if there is one all-consuming concern for every business owner, it has to be physical security.    To ensure your assets are secure, and your staff is safe, a good commercial-grade fence is a bare minimum. What makes a good commercial fence, though? […]

Curb Appeal For A Commercial Property: It Starts With The Right Fence

  There is only so much curb appeal you can create by fencing your business premises to look like a fort. Secure as it has to be, your place of business still has to look inviting to customers and visitors.   We don’t often associate curb appeal with commercial properties. That may be because curb […]

New COVID-19 Restrictions In Ontario As Non-Essential Construction Is Suspended

    If you’ve been looking to start the new on a triumphant note by finally finishing your basement or by adding a gazebo to your residential property in the Toronto suburbs, you will have to freeze your home improvement plans for the time being.    New Covid-19 restrictions announced by the Province of Ontario […]

9 Christmas Decoration Ideas: How to Dress Up Your Backyard for Xmas

If you have to say so yourself, your living room is looking super festive, with that fabulously bedecked Christmas tree standing in the corner.    But there is one area you have likely left to the last minute to decorate. It’s your yard.    Save for a colorfully decorated wreath on the front door, your […]