What Makes a Good Commercial Fence?

  Businesses in Cambridge, as indeed everywhere else, face many risks. But if there is one all-consuming concern for every business owner, it has to be physical security.    To ensure your assets are secure, and your staff is safe, a good commercial-grade fence is a bare minimum. What makes a good commercial fence, though? […]

Curb Appeal For A Commercial Property: It Starts With The Right Fence

  There is only so much curb appeal you can create by fencing your business premises to look like a fort. Secure as it has to be, your place of business still has to look inviting to customers and visitors.   We don’t often associate curb appeal with commercial properties. That may be because curb […]

New COVID-19 Restrictions In Ontario As Non-Essential Construction Is Suspended

  If you’ve been looking to start the new on a triumphant note by finally finishing your basement or by adding a gazebo to your residential property in the Toronto suburbs, you will have to freeze your home improvement plans for the time being.    New Covid-19 restrictions announced by the Province of Ontario and […]

9 Christmas Decoration Ideas: How to Dress Up Your Backyard for Xmas

If you have to say so yourself, your living room is looking super festive, with that fabulously bedecked Christmas tree standing in the corner.    But there is one area you have likely left to the last minute to decorate. It’s your yard.    Save for a colorfully decorated wreath on the front door, your […]

7 Ideas For A Festive-Looking Fence

Of all your Christmas holidays, this year’s is one you will happily stay home to celebrate. Covid-19 cases and hospitalizations are rising in Ontario, and the Waterloo Region will be going into a hard lockdown.   With Covid-19 spread indicators worsening, it’s best for everyone to stay home this Christmas. So why not prepare your […]

Fencing In Cambridge: Who To Trust For The Best Fences

‘A good neighbor is a fellow who smiles at you over the back fence but doesn’t climb over it’ – Arthur Baer.      Perhaps putting perspective on Mr. Baer’s standard for neighborliness, Rober Frost made this now-famous statement, ‘good fences make good neighbors’.   At Jay Fencing we couldn’t agree more with the two […]

How Do You Take Care Of A New Wood Deck?

As an extension of your living space, and an area you are likely to be spending a lot of your family time, your new wooden deck needs to look clean and sanitary, and feel stable for as long as possible.    It also helps if your deck can look new for longer, both for your […]

Good Fences Start With The Right Contractor

When choosing a fence for your suburban property, between looks and security, what do you consider to be most important? At Jay Fencing, we believe you don’t have to sacrifice curb appeal for security, or vice versa. The right fence will offer the exact level of security, aesthetic appeal, privacy, or whatever attribute matters to […]

Fencing Tips Only An Experienced Fencing Contractor Would Share

Fencing Tips Only An Experienced Contractor Would Share   You will never quite feel safe nor truly ‘at home’ if your residential property is not securely fenced. To improve both your security and boost your home’s curb appeal, you are probably now considering installing a new fence.   You likely have an idea of what […]

How Many Years Should a Wooden Deck Last?

  Your choice of wood as the decking material for your new deck is not a peculiar one. Many homeowners prefer wooden decking for its warm, tactile feel and variety of hues that appeal to a wide range of tastes.   As the only renewable building material, choosing wood for your decking is also good […]