Privacy Fencing Ideas For Guelph Homeowners

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Fences are primarily for security. They provide a barrier around your home that keeps out intruders and burglars and stops your pets and young children from straying onto the streets.

However, while some do well to security fences, they do not offer the best privacy. You cannot relax in your well-manicured backyard without worrying about prying gazes from outside your property line.

Eyes do not respect boundaries. A privacy fence will block all uninvited attention and allow you to enjoy your property in complete seclusion. But how do you build a privacy fence that’s secure and easy on the eyes and yet opaque enough to block outside views? 

Here are some privacy fence ideas to consider for your home in Guelph, ON:

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Privacy fence ideas to add style to your backyard

A privacy fence can boost your property’s market value and improve its marketability. But only if the fence actually provides privacy, is secure, and is built from solid and durable materials.

Your choice of material will determine how well your privacy fence can keep nosy neighbors out of your business. But it will work best when its design complements your home’s style. With that in mind, below we discuss the best materials and ideas for privacy fences:

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A stockade fence

Wood is the traditional material for a privacy fence. A natural material, wood is an environmentally friendly option that can produce a stylish and opaque privacy fence that guarantees complete seclusion. A stockade fence is a charming choice that completely blocks views into your backyard.

Wood is an inexpensive, easily-accessible fencing material that is easy to work with and offers extensive design possibilities. It is sturdy and will give you as much privacy as you would like. 

And while wooden privacy fences do require regular maintenance, because they are so easy to stain, you can refresh yours to a new color and completely transform your backyard every time.

You can make yours a fully opaque wall that completely blocks out views from outside or you can space the wooden boards to let sunlight filter through. Depending on the aesthetic you are after, the wooden boards can be horizontal or vertical, which makes your privacy fence completely customizable.

Perhaps you prefer even more light to filter through and aren’t looking for complete seclusion:

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Wooden picket fence

For some, a wooden picket fence offers just the right amount of privacy. Its traditional, quaintly charm means you get a level of privacy while adding a measure of curb appeal to your property.

While a wooden picket fence doesn’t offer total privacy, it offers just enough, especially for property owners who don’t like the feeling of being closed in. Besides, you can space the slats closer to each other, so much that peeping Toms have to squint to see through it.

Staying with the minimal privacy theme:

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Split-rail fence

Like a wooden picket fence, a standard design split-rail fence does not offer a lot of privacy. But, again, it could offer just about enough privacy. If you like its rustic feel, any good wood fencing contractor in Guelph should have enough creative skills to customize your fence to your exact level of privacy.

Adding more privacy from to a split rail fence can be as easy as adding two or three more horizontal rails where you would normally just have three. Besides adding privacy, the extra rails can also accentuate the fence and bring a stronger, distinctive character to your backyard space.

A split-rail privacy fence will not work for every property or taste, but it can produce an ambiance and charm that’s unlike anything you will see in Guelph’s suburbs.

Here is another option to consider for a rustic-themed wood privacy fence:

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Wooden pole fence

If you are on a tight budget, this privacy fence idea works a treat. Done right, it is attractively rustic and offers good privacy. Easy to install, building a wooden pole fence entails lining mid-sized round lumber posts one against another in a trench.

A wooden pole fence creates a more authentic rustic feel than other types of privacy fences. That’s because, while the posts are leaning against each other, they still leave some spaces between them. After all, they aren’t machined and are, thus, not perfectly straight. When light shines through the fence, it creates a visually-therapeutic kaleidoscope of shapes and patterns.

Wooden privacy fences, for all their charm, are heavy on maintenance. You have to properly care for them if they are going to withstand the brutal ravages of rain, snow, and excessive sunlight. 

For a privacy fence that mimics some of the wood’s qualities but requires very little maintenance, this next option is your best bet:

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Vinyl fence

If you like the look of a wooden stockade or picket fence but you work a demanding job that leaves you no time to replace rotted boards and restain your wooden fence, then a vinyl privacy fence is what you should be looking at.

Vinyl is a revolutionary fencing material that is highly durable and offers great weather resistance. It comes in a wide array of design options for a sophisticated privacy fence that’s the perfect backdrop for a lush, well-tended backyard.

Much like wood stockade and picket fences, vinyl offers complete seclusion and stylish ambiance but, importantly, without the heavy maintenance obligation. You can find a vinyl privacy fence design that matches virtually any architectural style you can think of.

Fire-resistant and with fence panels that are as high as six feet and with the strength to withstand strong winds, you will get a fence with as much privacy as you would like and which will last as long as 100 years. In terms of a privacy fence that combines longevity, smart looks, and low maintenance, vinyl is a clear winner.

And now for something a little less conventional:

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Greenery-dressed chain-link fence

A chain-link fence is highly durable and offers good security. But as far as privacy goes, it isn’t a worthwhile option. Practically see-through, without some creative customization, it offers zero privacy. 

With some effort, however, it can be fashioned into an effective privacy fence. And there are surprisingly quite a few ideas to could consider for this. You could drape canvas fabric over the stretch of fence you require privacy, which could be the part of the property that divides your backyard from the neighbor’s.

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Another idea that’s common and which works all the time is by dressed your chain-link fence with some greenery. You can plant and train a hedge or your favorite climbing vices through the fence. 

The hedge will create dense foliage that will completely block off outside views of your property. You will need to budget time and grooming effort to nurse your hedge until it has covered enough of the chain-link to bring the right amount of privacy to your backyard.

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Choose the right privacy fencing contractor in Guelph

With some DIY skills, you can build some of the privacy fences we have suggested on your own. But for a fence that is secure, safe, durable, and frames your backyard for the best curb appeal, you are best served hiring a professional contractor.
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