What Is The Best Material for Commercial Cage Construction?

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Wire cages have a wide variety of uses, all of which demand a different level of durability and security. What you intend to use the wire cage for, thus, also determine what material is best for its construction. However, steel wire remains the standard construction material for wire cages.

At Jay’s Fencing, we have built steel wire cages in many shapes and sizes for our various clients. We have built general warehouse and commercial storage cages, wire cages for animal enclosures, apartment storage cages, and power generator enclosures. We have also custom-designed wire cages for clients in different fields.

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Steel Wire Mesh Is The Best Material for Commercial Wire Cages

Steel wire is an affordable and versatile construction material that is widely available. You have a choice between woven and welded mesh wire, but the biggest factor in the security your wire cage offers depends on the wire’s gauge.

Gauge, in this case, measures the thickness of the wire, which determines its overall strength. In general, the smaller a wire’s gauge is, the thicker it is. But you don’t necessarily need a gauge one wire to build a strong wire cage. In fact, 10-gauge wire will be too thick and impractical for more commercial wire cage projects.

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What is the best wire gauge for commercial wire cages?

For most industrial and commercial wire cages, 10 gauge wire is generally preferred. It has the right balance on tensile strength, malleability, and cost. While you want the wire to be the highest strength possible to discourage vandalism and theft, the wire has to be malleable, especially if it is going to be woven into a mesh. You should also be able to justify the wire cage’s cost against its intended use.

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Attributes of Steel Wire

Steel wire is an accessible material whose many attributes adapt it well for commercial wire cage construction. When rust protected, steel mesh wire is suitable for indoor cages and has enough weather resistance for outdoor use.

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High durability

As long as you protect it against corrosion, your steel wire cage can last as long as you want. It does not demand a lot of maintenance, save for regular cleaning, and occasional refinishing to prevent corrosion, which, again depends on what you are using the wire cage for.

There are many ways you can protect wire cages from corrosion. A wet enamel coat works very well, as does painting. But the most practical way to protect wire cages is by galvanizing the wire mesh fabric and frame.

Most of the mesh wire we use at Jay’s Fencing comes pre-galvanized. The frames, which we build ourselves, also benefit from a protective finish with a suitable rust inhibitor.

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Excellent repairability

An important attribute of steel wire, when used on wire cages, is its excellent repairability. Because steel is weldable, you can easily weld a broken frame or door back into shape. You can even replace a whole rusted panel and give an old storage cage a new lease of life.

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Burglar-proof strength

If you are looking for a wire cage to store high-value merchandise, you will love that steel is one of the strongest construction materials available. As long as the wire mesh is the right gauge and you have a good lock, your cage or enclosure will literally be burglar-proof.

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