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REGIONAL MUNICIPALITY OF WATERLOO – Current Municipalities – City of Cambridge, City of Kitchener, North Dumfries Township, City of Waterloo, Wellesley Township, Wilmot Township, Woolwich Township

Region of Waterloo  /  City of Waterloo

• Fencing Bylaw

• Pool Fence Bylaw

Summary of By-law

City of Cambridge
• Fencing Bylaw and Pool Fence Bylaw

Summary of By-Law

City of Kitchener
• Fencing Bylaw

Pool Fence Bylaw

Summary of Bylaw

Township of Wellesley
• Fence Bylaw

Township of Wilmot
• Fencing and Pool Fence Bylaw

Township of North Dumfries
• Fence Bylaw              • Pool Fence Bylaw

Township of Woolwich
• Pool Fence Bylaw

WELLINGTON COUNTY –Current Townships – Centre Wellington Township, Town of Erin, Guelph/ Eramosa Township, Mapleton Township, Town of Minto, Puslinch Township, Wellington North Township.
(Historical Townships – Arthur, Eramosa, Erin, West Garafraxa, Guelph, west Luther, Maryborough, Minto, Nichol, Peel, Pilkington, Puslinch)

County of Wellington

City of Guelph
• Pool Fence Bylaw

Township of Guelph / Eramosa
• Pool Fence Bylaw

Fencing Bylaw

• Schedule A to Fencing bylaw

Centre Wellington
• Fence Bylaw

Town of Erin
• Fencing Bylaw

• Pool Fence Bylaw

Mapleton Township 

• Pool Fence Bylaw

Town of Minto
• Urban Fence Bylaw

• Rural Fence Bylaw

Puslinch Township

• Pool Fence Bylaw

Wellington North Township
• Fencing and Pool Fence Bylaw

BRANT COUNTY– Current Municipalities – County of Brant
(Historical Townships – Brantford, Burford, South Dumfries, Oakland, Onondaga, Tuscarora)

County of Brant
• Fence Bylaw

CITY OF HAMILTON- Current Municipalities – City of Hamilton –
(Historical Townships – Ancaster, Barton , Beverley, Binbrook, Caistor, Flamborough East, Flamborough West, Glanford, Onondaga, Saltfleet, Seneca)

City of Hamilton
• Fence Bylaw

• (Apportioning of Costs of Division Fences – Urban)
• Pool Fencing Bylaw

• Pool Fencing Bylaw Cont. • Summary of Bylaw



OXFORD COUNTY – Current Municipalities – Blandford –Blenheim township, East Zorra- Tavistock Township, Town of Ingersoll, Norwich, South-West Oxford, Town of Tillsonburg, City of Woodstock, Zorra
(Historical Townships – Blandford, Blenheim Dereham,East Nissouri, North Norwich, south Norwich, East Oxford, North Oxford, West Oxford, East Zorra, West Zorra

Oxford County

Blandford-Blenheim Township
• Fencing Bylaw         • Pool Fence Bylaw

East Zorra-Tavistock Township
• Pool Bylaw

Town of Ingersoll
• Pool Fence Bylaw

Norwich County
• Pool Fence Bylaw

South-West Oxford
• Fence Bylaw

• Pool Fence Bylaw

• Amended with bylaw 23-76

City of Woodstock
• Fence Bylaw • Pool Fence Bylaw

Zorra Township

• Pool Fence Bylaw

PERTH COUNTY – Current Municipalities – Town of North Perth, Perth East Township, Perth South Township, West Perth Township.
(Historical Townships – Blanchard, Downie, North Easthope, South Easthope, Ellice, Elma, Fullarton, Hibbert, Logan, Mornington, Wallace

Perth County 

Town of North Perth
• Pool and Fence Bylaw

Perth East Township
• Pool Fence Bylaw

Perth South Township

West Perth Township
• Bylaw Page

REGIONAL MUNICIPALITY OF HALTON – Current Municipalities – City of Burlington, Town of Halton Hills, Town of Milton, Town of Oakville
(Historical Townships –Esquesing, Nassagaweya, nelson, Trafalgar)

Regional Municipality of Halton

City of Burlington

• Fence Bylaw

Town of Halton Hills

• Fence Bylaw

• Pool Fencing Bylaw

Town of Milton
• Fence Bylaw

• Pool Fencing Bylaw

Town of Oakville
• Fence and Pool Fence Brochure