City of Hamilton Fencing Bylaw Summary

Fencing is a great way to improve your property’s value, aesthetics, occupant safety, and provide you with the privacy to focus on what is important.  Jay Fencing helps residents and business owners in Hamilton with securing their property with the right fencing solutions. Click here to find out how we can help you install or design your best bet against privacy issues and hassles in the Electric City today. This article features highlights of Hamilton fencing bylaws and is in no way a replacement for the review of the actual Hamilton Bylaws.

Hamilton is stunning and majestic and complying to Hamilton fencing bylaws can keep it that way while helping you avoid paying fines.

Benefits for Hamilton Fence Bylaw Compliance

For those looking into getting their own fence installed, be sure to account for these challenges:

  • Increased property value: bylaws take into account the aesthetics of your neighbourhood and city to ensure your property and adjacent real estate reflects their proper value during appraisal.
  •  Avoids costs of by-law infractionHamilton has a number of fencing bylaws, particularly for residents with pools, and lack of compliance will result in rework and fines.
  • Lost time due to rework: if a bylaw variance is found you will be required to rework your fence to ensure compliance, meaning wasted time and effort in having to acquire and install new parts.
  • Safety of family and coworkers: having a fence in your yard hedging off traffic can help you protect those in your care.

The best way to go to avoid these challenges is to let Jay Fencing provide you with our unparalleled focus on your needs with quality workmanship that stands the test of time.

fence installation hamiltonHamilton Fencing Bylaw Quick Facts

After spending time and money on your property, fencing the last thing you want is to get tagged with for bylaw infraction. Here are some quick tips on how to stay compliant.  This is by no means a replacement for a full review of the actual Hamilton bylaw.

  1. Maximum height non-industrial: 2.0m  for non-industrial or non-farming zones.
  2. Maximum height industrial/farming: 3.0m.
  3. Parking obstruction: ensure that the fence does not obstruct parking zones.
  4. Avoid using sheet and corrugated metal: avoid using the aforementioned materials in your fence when you are in a residential area or in the Niagara Escarpment zones.
  5. Avoid using barbed wire fencing: avoid using the aforementioned material for your fence unless you are using it for industrial or farming purposes.
  6. Avoid running electric current in your fence: unless for the purposes of keeping animals penned in on a farming property.  The electric fence must also meet the guidelines set out by Canadian Standards Association.

These highlights will help you get started, but be sure to talk to our qualified team and review the full bylaw. If a property’s fence is enclosing a pool, other specific regulations will apply.

Hamilton Fencing Bylaws: Residential Fence Height Exceptions

A fence may be 2.4m height or 2.0m if located on a deck/elevated platform unless: 

  • located at least 1.2m from a side lot line, not including a side lot line where a common or party wall is located.
  • located at least 3.0m from a rear lot line, and no more than 4.5m in length.
Wood #230

Wood #230

A fence gate may exceed the previously stated height exceptions in the following ways:

  • 0.3m additional height allowance for fence gates (2.7/2.3m).
  • 0.4m additional height allowance for an archway forming an entrance or exit.
  • 0.15m additional height allowance for a decorative cap or structural post.


Hamilton Fencing Bylaws for Existing Fences

If your fence was completed on or before June 9, 2010, and was in compliance to the bylaws at that time, it remains compliant, as long as the fence has the same:

  • Height
  • Length
  • Material

If there weren’t any bylaws at the time of your fence completion, the current Hamilton Bylaw will apply instead.

hamilton fence by-law finesHamilton Fencing Bylaw Fines

Try as they may, residents of Hamilton can find themselves with bylaw fines. An order to change your face can take immediate effect providing notice has been given, if the cost is under $10,000 dollars (Bylaw Section 14).

Any person who violates the bylaws can be subject to the following fines upon conviction:

  1. First conviction: a fine of no more than $10,000 or $50,000 (for corporations).
  2. Subsequent Conviction: a fine of no more than $25,000 or $100,000 (for corporations).

Having a qualified and knowledgeable fencing expert can help you avoid $10,000 to $100,000 in fines.  The small fee is well worth the safety when it comes to complying to Hamilton fence bylaws.

Hamilton Fence Bylaw Compliant Designs and Installation

Our customers know to look for the Jay Fencing experience, featuring quality workmanship, timely installation, undisruptive service, and friendly staff if there are questions or additional requirements. Services and products are selected for your specific needs and tailored to ensure complete satisfaction. Jay Fencing offers the following product categories.  You can let the team know if you don’t see what you’re looking for. Here are just some of the few quality projects we’ve completed across Ontario.

Feel free to take a look at the other property enhancing products and services Jay Fencing provides.

albion fallsDon’t Settle for Anything less than Convenience, Privacy, Compliance, and Workmanship

Having worked with clients on properties of all shapes and sizes around the Hammer city, we have the understanding and practical know-how to ensure great looking fences that are also uncompromising in security and bylaw compliance. Hamilton is a growing city and improving the look and feel your home can be less expensive and more convenient than you think. Here is what others have said about Jay Fencing:

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Jay Fencing is the best service provider to determine which fencing option is right for you in Hamilton.  Reach out to the Jay Fencing team today. Let Jay Fencing deal with the fine print and bylaws and the hassles while you enjoy your property in the Hammer city. With Jay Fencing you can expect these services every time we serve you:

  • Careful consideration of community requirements
  • Personal and property security
  • Privacy
  • Protected play for children and pets
  • Over 28 years of experience delivering quality service to our clients

The only thing Jay Fencing is more passionate about than from historic landmarks is the quality and workmanship of fencing to suit all purposes and needs. We service customers everywhere from Hamilton to Brantford,  Mississauga to Fergus, and everywhere in between. Book a consultation today and Jay Fencing can help you pick the right perimeter for your property.