Why Your Home In Guelph Needs A Privacy Fence

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They say good fences make good neighbors, which is true in many ways, including some not so obvious ones. Specifically, a fence that offers good privacy makes good neighbors out of some that may not have the necessary etiquette.

While a standard fence secures your property against intruders, marks your property line, and adds to your property’s curb appeal, a privacy fence keeps neighbors out of your business.

Neighbors generally get on well when they stay out of each other’s business, which is hard when there is no barrier (both physical and visual) between your two properties.

We will discuss the reasons while you must install a privacy fence on your home in Guelph, ON. First, let’s address one of the reasons some homeowners may be apprehensive about putting up a privacy fence on their properties:

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Will a privacy fence add value to my house?

The first benefit of adding a privacy fence to your property are rather obvious. It gives you privacy and seclusion to enjoy your home without the attention of nosy neighbors.

Beyond privacy, a well-designed, functional privacy fence will boost your property’s value. At the very least, a privacy fence can add a decorative touch to your home’s exterior, making it more attractive and appealing to buyers when you decide to sell it.

There are other benefits of installing a privacy fence to your property:

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Boost security

A direct benefit of the seclusion you get from adding a privacy fence to your property is the added security it brings.

Because potential burglars can’t easily scan your backyard from outside, they don’t know what to expect once they get inside. That alone can be an effective deterrent for trespassers.

To make your privacy fence even more secure, you can add anti-climbing spikes. More than injuring would-be trespassers, anti-climbing spikes are effective deterrents. 

Another trick is to paint the top of your privacy fence with anti-climbing paint. The paint does not completely dry and makes it hard for people to find the leverage they need to climb over the fence. 

Installing security lights along the fence and making the fence taller (depending on what the bylaws say) can also make your privacy fence more secure. 

As well as checking local bylaws, you should consult with your local HOA (homeowners association). They likely have a set of guidelines on the type and height of privacy fences you can install on your property.

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Is it rude to put up a privacy fence?

As you do security, you have a right to your privacy and should never have to feel bad about taking steps to protect it. This often means secluding yourself in your yard.

Home privacy is especially crucial now where we seem to lose the right to our privacy the moment we venture outside our homes. We are constantly surveilled when walking the streets. It gets worse online. So a privacy fence on your property is an important tool for safeguarding your privacy in the only truly private space we still have. 

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It is, of course, important to make sure your right to privacy doesn’t end up infringing on your neighbors’ rights. For example, by building privacy that is unreasonably high that it blocks your neighbor’s views of the sea or abutting forest.

While it isn’t an easy subject to breach, it is good fence etiquette to consult your neighbor and try to consider their concerns. ‘Who gets the good side’ is a popular point of debate. But that too can be solved amicably if you discuss your privacy fence proposal with your neighbors.

There are not many cons to installing a privacy fence on your residential property. Let’s talk pros:

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Conceal unsightly parts of your property

You have likely done a lot of work in your backyard to make it more attractive and livable. But there could still be features you are not confident with and which could best be hidden from neighbors’ view.

A privacy fence is one of the best solutions for concealing your property’s less appealing features from visitors and neighbors. 

If one of these unsightly areas is your compost hip or garbage shed, you could even look to keep it out of your own views, especially if it is directly viewable from your deck, backyard, or wherever you lounge.

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Block your views of your neighbor’s neglected backyard

Sometimes it is not the neighbor’s inquisitive gazes through the fence that bother you so much to want to put up a privacy fence. It could be you want to give yourself a barrier from a not-so-appealing view.

If your neighbor’s yard has overgrown trees and grass, you are not going to enjoy looking at it when out enjoying your own well-maintained backyard space. Maybe it’s not neglected, but rather over-decorated. A privacy fence blocking your view of your neighbor’s yard will give you something more savory to look at.

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A noise barrier for much-needed peace and quiet

If your home is along a noisy highway, school, or borders an industrial lot, you be could be dealing with more noise than usual. A solid privacy fence can help muffle the noise and ensure you get to enjoy your backyard in relative tranquility.

Your privacy fence’s usefulness as a noise-blocking tool depends on how thick it is. A wood stockade fence works very well for noise reduction. With solid, thick boards that are tightly connected with tongue and groove joints is a good option for this.

Your fence needs to be solid, high, and, especially, heavy. The theory is that mass dampens noise, which is why masonry walls have good noise-blocking qualities. Make sure the fence has no holes and gaps as these will allow sound to filter through.

Another way of sound-proofing your privacy fence is by stapling on mass-loaded vinyl, which is a synthetic material that adds mass to your fence. Be sure to choose the right grade of mass-loaded vinyl as some aren’t for outdoor use. Consult the supplier for guidance on how to use the material.

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Consult an experienced privacy fence installer

A well-designed and elegantly decorated backyard can function as an extension of your indoor living space if you can create enough privacy around it.
There is no doubt you can imagine how your space should look like to be as livable and stylish as you would like. But, to bring all the elements together into a cohesive look, you will need the guidance and skill of an experienced privacy fence contractor. Do you have one?
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