Top 12 Amazing Picket Fence Designs

Picket fence designs were once confined to a mundane and predictable fashion. That is until recently when these 12 amazing designs were discovered.  Click here to find out how the team at Jay Fencing can help you get your own picket fence hassle-free and at the best price.

Featured Picket Fence Designs

From functional to spectacularly amazing, these picket fence designs hail from all different places but each proposal leaves you with a sense of appreciation and inspiration. Here are the 12 picket fence designs that showed out and is known for their claim to fame. Improve the look and feel of your community and home today by choosing an amazing picket fence design and get your project completed before the summer.

12 – Waved Picket Fence Design

Claim to Fame: A curved wave design simply uses symmetrically heightened pickets to create a subtle impact on neighbours and passersby.


11 – Picket Fence for a Special Occasion

wedding picket design

Claim to Fame: Ready to put a special twist on your picket fence for a special moment or celebration? Look no further by adding masons jars and candles to your established picket fence. A great way to bring new life to a tried and treasured design.


10 – Cape Cod Concave Fence

Claim to Fame: This wood picket fence is inspired by traditional wrought iron fence design. The concave layout, while more common with wrought iron, is both fresh and familiar when done in wood pickets. This fence is a clear illustration of how inspiration with new materials and applications can take shape.

Source: Halfway Fence Co

9 – Bird House Picket Fence Design

picket fence design bird house

Claim to Fame: A creative spin on the tried and tested picket fence. By virtue of small bird house shaped additions, this picket fence creates an eye-catching design for a memorable impression.


8 – Picket Garden Accent

garden accent picket fence

Claim to Fame: This offering showcases an inventive approach, using a picket fence corner to highlight an area of your garden and to provide separation between different plants and trees in your back yard.

Source: Better Homes and Gardens

7 – Opposing Pickets Fence

opposing picket fence design

Claim to Fame: A sophisticated and modern proposal, the opposing pickets design bridges traditional and modern sensibilities.


6 – Obelisk Picket Fence

obilesk picket fence with worse

Claim to Fame: The obelisk styled pickets are a great accent, bringing a welcomed new twist to any garden or home. This offering not only satisfies visually but offers a far more sturdy and secure installation, given the increased thickness of each picket.

Source: Home Made in Heaven

5 – Spade Styled Picket Fence

spade style picket fence design

Claim to Fame: Despite its aged look this fence could have easily come out from Through the Looking Glass or Alice in Wonderland. It accents the craftsmanship required to turn a traditional picket fence design into one that bridges day to day life with high cultured gothic tones.


4 – Staggered Picket Fence Design

staffered picket fence design

Claim to Fame: Save material and increase your property’s style profile by using this staggered fence design. A small twist creates a big impact for those visiting or simply strolling by. The use of alternating heights helps this picket fence stand out from the rest.

Source: Home Stratosphere

3 – Pickets on Rails Fence

Picket on Rails Fence

Claim to Fame: The railing adds a designer’s touch and craftsmanship with augmented curves that help secure a variety of perimeters. The railing departs from the traditional picket fence while providing stability and comfort to those stopping by to appreciate the garden and its occupants.


2 – Community Mural Picket

mural picket fence

Claim to Fame: Take pride in the mosaic of your community, this design demonstrates the diversity within each community. Part artistic expression and part picket fence design, this offering showcases the picket fence itself as both an end product and a canvas for creativity.

Source: Garden Lovers Club

1 – Crayola Picket Fence

crayola picket fence design

Claim to Fame: An idea so simple and brilliant that you almost knew it was possible. The Crayola picket fence is a play on one of our most memorable childhood accessories, creating a rainbow palette of nostalgia to top our list of 12 amazing picket fences.

Source: Better Homes and Gardens

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