Pool Fence – Top Tips for Pool Fencing

In this article, we feature various troubles and headaches customers run into when dealing with pool fencing. Get the best direction for your pool fence along with common questions customers have about protecting their family’s safety around the pool. Click here to find out how the team at Jay Fencing can help you get your pool fence hassle-free and at the best price.

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Pool safety can be tricky but you don’t have to tackle it alone. To kickstart our list of pool fencing tips here is a video from a legal advisor on how to protect the safety of your family and friends.

Pool Fencing Tips to Avoid Headaches, Hassles, and Fines

Lessons learned are invaluable, particularly when others have already paid for the lesson. Below is a curated list of customer complaints that have been filed against different fencing companies and the insights we can extract from them.

  • Comply with bylaws: ensuring you meet municipal regulations for pool fence height, gate design, and qualitative requirements like ensuring the fence can’t be easily scaled with an adjacent prop increases the safety of your pool as well as helping you avoid additional costs or time for rework. For a full list of bylaws, see here.
  • Minimum Height: ensure your fence has the right height to keep children from falling in, refer to specific bylaws for your city.
  • Maximum enclosure gaps: to prevent objects from entering and striking anyone in the pool, some cities like Waterloo have restrictions on how wide an enclosure can open (i.e. exclusive of the gate).

    Ornamental #212

    Ornamental #212

  • Materials: there are different rules around opening diameters for pool fences that change depending on which materials you are using.  For example, see Waterloo bylaws. The most common type of material is chain link or wood fences.
  • Submit fence design:  in some cities like Cambridge you are required to share a plot plan of your pool indicating where it is located along with a diagram of the pool fence/enclosure that is planned.
  • Well designed gate: make sure that your gate meets your city bylaw requirements including relative safety measures like locking mechanisms to keep children from accessing the pool on their own.
  • Get home insurance: in the event that guests are injured at the pool at your home, getting your home insured can help you cover the costs of litigation. Costs can quickly escalate for injuries relating to spinal cord or brain damage.


Pool Fencing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Do kiddy pools require fencing? As a rule of thumb pools that can completely submerge a child should have fencing for the safety of your family. In Waterloo, a pool that can hold at least 2 feet of water is considered a pool.
  • What does “easily scalable” mean? Bylaw enforcement will look at how easy it is to scale your backyard or pool fence. For example, if a child only needs to use a small step stool to get over your pool fence, chances are if an inspection occurs you will be required to increase the height of your fence.
  • How long do pool fences usually last? Fences can last anywhere from 5-10 years according to one professional fencing company. However, depending on factors like the climate of Ontario and the workmanship of the fence, this lifespan is certain to decline.
  • Should I install my own pool fence or get someone to do it? We recommend going with a qualified service provider who can provide you with the best pool fencing craftsmanship that will last the test of time and elements. Pool fencing may be a simpler matter in moderate climates, but in Ontario, by choosing the right materials, joints, and design you can extend your pool fence by as much as 2-5 years.
  • How long does it take to install a pool fencing? Pool fences typically take less than a week to install with labour occurring during the day for optimal visibility. Specific situations may change this timeline.

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Secure Pool Fencing Customers Can Count On

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