Phoenix Fences and other Songs On Fence Design Wisdom

Great music moves us and remains timeless just like well-crafted fences designed for purpose and aesthetics. This article uncovers the fence design wisdom in every great fence song. Click here to find out how the team at Jay Fencing can help create fences that exude soulful craftsmanship like the best music that moves us.

Fences by Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix

The song details someone building a row of fences and how they are eventually forgotten by those who they used spend time with. The fence instead of keeping other people out has instead kept its owner away from the relationships that matter.

Fence Design Tip: Build a fence that is both functional yet balances aesthetics and hospitality for your guests.
Genre: Indie
Length: 3:51

The Fence by Tim Minchin

Tim Minchin highlights the need for sustainability and information to help us make informed decisions rather than creating false impressions.

Fence Design Tip: Consider the environmental footprint of the materials going into your fence and work with ones that you feel comfortably line up with your own values on stewardship.
Genre: Rock Opera
Length: 6:57

The Fence by Peter Katz

This fence was dedicated to a student in the states that was a victim of a hate crime because of orientation. Human dignity is non-negotiable and fence design and its components should also take into account ethical labour and trade practices.

Fence Design Tip: Research the materials being used and where they came from, verify that workers are fairly treated and not discriminated for personal views, practices, or orientation.
Genre: Folk
Length: 7:01

Clean Clothes offers a starting point for researching brands that have documented ethical issues.  Buyers can also inquire from RonaLowes, or Home Depot to see where they source their materials and how they can get an assurance of good practices.

The Fence Man Song by The Fence Man Company

The Fence Man company is an Arkansas-based service provider offering all types of fences designs and installations. Here is what we learned from the Fence Man Company’s song.

Fence design tip: Don’t let work hold you back from visioning the fence design that can offer you functionality and aesthetics.
Genre: Jingle
Length: 1:59

The Night Paw got Hung on the Electric Fence by Bluegrass Comedy

The story behind this song is about a student skipping class and facing various challenges that ensue while reflecting on the concept of freedom. Along the way, the student hops a fence, pointing to the vulnerability of fences that aren’t properly designed for security.

Fence Design Tip: Ensure your fence is planned for the maximum allotted height in your zoning area to help keep fence hoppers out while also meeting bylaw requirements.
Genre: Country
Length: 2:51

White Picket Fences by Shelley Skidmore

Shelly Skidmore offers great wisdom in designing a fence to suit our family and community’s charms.

Fence Design Tip: Design in the maintenance schedule to maximize the lifespan of your fence, Shelly mentions the need to paint a fence every 2 years.
Genre: Country
Length: 3:05

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