Great Tips for Pool Fence Designs in Ontario

Having a pool is a fun way for family and friends to spend quality time together. Pool fences help protect your family and meet civic regulations around pool safety. Yet maximizing the life span and durability of your pool fence design requires product and installation know-how.

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All cities have regulations on pool fences in order to keep children and animals from safety risks of drowning or injury residential pools. Designing a long-standing pool fence takes time and precision particularly with the disparate climates of Ontario ranging from scorching summers to woes of winter.

Here are things everybody should know if they are planning for or want to upgrade their pool fence.

Removable or Permanent Pool Fence Design

Ornamental #212

Ornamental #212

Despite the convenience of removable pools, their design are often hampered by frailty because of their mobile nature. To offer the best protection to your family choose a permanent fencing design, that utilizes.
Expected time for permanent fence installation: 4- 8 hours actual time depends on various factors*

Choosing the Right Pool Fence Design Posts

Pool fences will unlikely take punishment from a variety of different sources from children, pets, to wildlife in your neighbourhood. Having strong posts can prevent the fence from sagging or being overrun meaning safety issues for your family and city by-law infractions. Ensure the post is reinforced with an inner core that can withstand bending or impacts of collisions.
Expected time to choose a fence post: 2-3 hours with price matching

Ornamental #208

Ornamental #208

Preventing Rust and Rotting from Your Pool Fence Design

The key here is to minimize the gap between your fencing panels or elements so that foliage and other nature’s trimmings won’t get stuck on your fence. This is particularly worrisome for wood fences as increased moisture can cause your fence to collect mold and deteriorate up to 30% faster than normal wear and tear.
Another  great way to maintain pool fences is to paint them with oil-based paints to ensure they keep their polish and durability throughout the seasons. Though owners should be aware that this will expose you to fumes and may require you to protect your grass as paint often drips onto your back yard as you paint. For those with wooden fences another good tip from A1 Fences is that you can stain your fence to keep out excess moisture.
Expected paint time: 3-4 hours if done on your own from setup to finish for staining and painting

Residential Chain Link Fence #19

Residential Chain Link Fence #19

Planning for the Right Gate Size for Your Pool Fence Design

Based on your city by-laws you will need to ensure that the pool fence design is compliant. Having the right size of a pool fence gate including locking mechanism is helpful to protect young children from entering the pool without supervision. This is a safety precaution and one that is enforced. The best pool fence gates have an auto-closing mechanism, sound dampener, and also child-proof access by leveraging the right gate height.

Expected gate installation time: 2 hours or more depending on requirements

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Pool Fence Designs Samples (Ornamental Fences)


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