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Electric gates are a great option for homes looking to improve security, accessibility, and aesthetics to their residence.  Below we highlight the benefits of having one, challenges with getting one, top ways to deal with common problems, and how Jay Fencing can help those living in Cambridge. Click here to find out how we can help you install or design your best bet against privacy issues and hassles in the Tri-City today. Here is a quick video to demonstrate the durability of fences when they are constructed with the right design and installation.

Here is a quick video to demonstrate the durability of fences when they are constructed with the right design and installation.

Cambridge ontario landmarkBenefits of an Electric Fence: Cambridge Ontario

There are a number of great reasons to get an electric fence, but here are some of the top reasons why home owners or businesses  should consider getting one:

  • Accessibility and convenience: Having an electric fence helps those with accessibility issues and provides added convenience in inclement weather with the addition of a driveway gate.
  • Increases property value: Having an electric gate helps improve the overall property valuation.
  • Protects Individuals: Having an electric fence is a great way to protect your family or staff from unwanted visitors and suspect individuals.
  • Lowers the costs of some insurance policies: Insurance companies offer discounts for properties that have a home security system like electric fences.  See here for an example of one of these discounts.
  • Aesthetically appealing: Having a beautifully designed and professionally installed fence can bolster the look and profile of your property, promote an inviting impression for guests, and enhance the community’s look and feel.

Despite the many benefits of owning an electric fence, there are a number of challenges that make installation and maintenance a hurdle for property owners or managers.

cambridge ontario landmarkChallenges with Choosing and Installing and Electric Fence

Unless one is well versed with electric fencing products, relevant bylaws in Cambridge, and optimization of maintenance, property managers and owners can expect plenty of challenges while looking to get an electric fence installed. These can include:

  • Bylaw compliance: Cambridge bylaws are a set of rules and standards that, if not complied with, will incur penalties to your home or business.  Engaging a trusted installer who knows the ins and outs of Cambridge bylaws can help you avoid costs and wasted time.
  • A flurry of manufacturers to choose from: Without the benefit of prior experience, the time spent on installing an electric fence may be wasted if you end up choosing an inferior product. Having a team of professionals who have extensive product knowledge will help you choose the right manufacturer and product.
  • Positioning for long-life: It is easy to neglect factors that affect the lifespan of your gate like wear and tear, climate, and natural elements. Our team helps you select and install your electric gate correctly to ensure that it protects you for its full lifespan.
  • Hazards of fence installation: There are hazards associated with installing a fence including sharp ends, heavy lifting, and exposure to an electric current. Let our team manage the hazards for you.

Electric Gate Projects by Jay Fencing and Time Frames

When you add a driveway gate to your home, you not only increase the functionality of your property but the appearance as well. When you choose a Jay Fencing driveway gate, your friends, family, and guests will feel welcome when they visit. You will also save time where an electric fence may take days for you to install correctly the Jay Fencing team can take under a day providing materials are provided and approved models are used. Our driveway gates in Cambridge, Kitchener, Toronto, and Waterloo are all constructed to be sturdy, long-lasting, and beautiful. Our gates are manufactured and installed to prevent heaving and sagging in the future. We are CWB Certified which allows us to fabricate our own driveway gates so you get to customize your project with your choice of materials and design. Here is a sampling of gates that our team has completed in the past. For a full gallery,  see here.

Top 5 Tips For Dealing with Common Issues with Electric Gates

Here are some great ways to ensure you get the most out of your electric gate. We have picked the top topics from a helpful guide on most common problems with automatic gates:

  1. Cold climate: Disconnect the cables from the battery and then clean the ends of the cables, as well as the battery terminals. If your battery box is made of metal, then you should take some Styrofoam insulation and apply a thin layer of it onto the bottom and the sides of the box.
  2. Gate won’t move: Ensure that the breaker and switch is functioning properly. Test the outlet using another device to see if it is an issue with the gate opener. The problem might be the remote controller needing new batteries or replacement.
  3. Gate keeps beeping: The quick solution is to add another battery if this is a low battery indicator, otherwise it recommended that customer support is contacted.
  4. Power outage: Set your electric fence to manual release and use the manual release key that was given to you when the opener was installed.
  5. Gate won’t open unless someone is next to it: This could be caused by interference from another transmission source. Lengthen the receiver antenna to its maximum height.

electric gates cambridge ontario bridgeJay Fencing Offers Convenience and Privacy With Its Design Expertise and Installation

Having worked with clients on properties of all shapes and sizes who live around the Bridge, we have the understanding and practical know-how to ensure great looking fences that are also uncompromising in security. Here is what others have said about Jay Fencing:

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The best way to determine which option is right for you is to reach out to Jay Fencing Ltd and to call on the trusted fencing provider in Cambridge. Let Jay Fencing deal with the fine print and bylaws in Cambridge while also tackling security headaches so you can focus on your business and family, all at the very best value. With Jay Fencing you can expect these services every time we serve you:

  • Careful consideration of community requirements
  • Personal and property security
  • Privacy
  • Protected play for children and pets
  • Over 28 years of experience delivering quality service to our clients

We service customers everywhere from Cambridge to Brantford,  Mississauga to Fergus, and everywhere in between. Book a consultation today and Jay Fencing can help you pick the right perimeter for your property.