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Just happened to drop by and they’re doing a wonderful job….trimmed both new gates AND volunteered to adjust front gate before they leave….thanks ever so much! We really love the job the guys did …great company to deal with!

TerryWood Fence/GatesKitchener

Thanks, Kelly. The dogs are loving their backyard, chasing each other with speed and agility that is a pleasure to behold.

RiaOrnamental FenceWaterloo

Hi Kelly;


Thank you, for making the time to accommodate Emmett.  I realize this project was a little frustrating as we couldn’t finish everything at once.


I just wanted you to know how much your service has been appreciated.  Right from day one when I called you to basically drop everything and come and measure the back step for Helmutz, when we hadn’t even started to work together until now, you have always been there.


I have had a couple of comments from some of the people inquiring about my fence indicating that they had thought you were a little pricy.  One of them was one of my clients.  I promptly advised her that you get what you pay for.  The cheapest (from my experience) is NEVER the best option.  She agreed when I explained to her the quality that has gone into the workmanship.  Please ensure that the entire team know how much they are appreciated, including the ones that worked on the deck.


This was also the reason that I chose Precision, because I recognized their attention to detail.  The City dropped by yesterday (Warren) just to see how things were going.  He and I have been exchanging construction stories as he is currently in the process of building his own home.  He absolutely loves what is taking place.  He says he has been watching the progression for years and has taken a personal interest.


FYI plans are already in the works for a pool party in the spring.  I truly hope you and your team can attend.  I will keep you informed .





Hi Sarah,
The guys that came out (I don’t know their names) but they did a great job, it is a bit of an irregular property but it is better than we expected.  They were also very courteous and helpful. They asked for our input before continuing with some of the installation.  They cleaned up the property before leaving, looked like they were never there.  We are happy with this job from start to finish, yourself, Horatiu and now the installers, just very happy with the service, great team.


GeriOrnamental FenceWaterloo



Hi Sarah

Just reporting in — Spencer and Kevin did an outstanding job today getting them fence posts installed.

They were so conscientious that they even stopped for a (partial) legal review!

Spencer and Kevin repeatedly assured me that the posts were within the property line, which I appreciated very much.

These guys work their hearts out.

You are lucky to have such good employees — on time; trustworthy; professional; and more than capable of handling the public.

Please put this recommendation in their employee files, if you would.



Salah & Chris were here today and completed the install.

I am totally impressed, not the least because of their ability to handle the public:

they just stuck to their job, and got it done. Excellent!

You and your family must have a very good business, to attract talent like you obviously have. Thank you very much for everything: brings me “Peace of Mind”, actually.

And, I can’t tell you enough how happy I am with your employees — they literally gave me “peace of mind” — they all made a potentially difficult situation very easy, actually.

David S.Ornamental FenceStratford

Hello Horatiu,

We had a lovely vacation and were happy to see Jay fence busy at work when we woke up Wednesday morning. Your crew did a great job. I’m glad you stopped by to see it.

We are so happy to have our yard back. As you know it’s been in the works all summer.

Thank you for all your help Horatiu. It was a pleasure to work with you as well.

We will be in touch when we are ready to put a pool in and need to finish the fencing around the yard.

All the best,

Chantal 🙂

ChantalWood FenceKitchener



My gates were installed yesterday. Thank you everything looks great. I wanted to let you know that this was a very professional experience by your team. Our family felt comfortable and at ease from start to finish.

Thanks again,



Mike W.Ornamental GatesKitchener

Hi Kelly
We absolutely love the fence. It looks fantastic and our neighbours were so impressed with the work that was completed.
Our dog is loving the backyard. We think he believes that he is at a cottage and not his own backyard. Lol.
Thank you again for squeezing us in last weekend and for the excellent work!
Have a wonderful weekend!
Rebecca & Keri

Rebecca & KeriChain-LinkGuelph

Thank you again! everything looks good its complete now we can move on!  great working with you and the guys very professional (including how the neighbour was delt with) have a great holiday!



JohnWood FenceListowel

Hi Kelly,


Everything looks great. Thank you again.  The dogs love going into the yard. They’ve missed running outside like freaks barking their faces off.


Thank you for being the professional you are and working with us. We are very pleased with the work and the follow ups you have provided.


Best regards,




LynnWood Fence & DeckGuelph