Fence Boards Ultimate Guide

Choosing your Fence Boards – The Ultimate Guide

Ready to get a new fence installed? Uncertain what type of fence boards are best for you? Jay Fencing’s ultimate guide will show you how to choose the best fence boards. First, you’ll need to decide what you want your fence to be used for. Then, we’ll help you decide if wood or vinyl boards are best for you, and what style of fence suits your needs! This ultimate guide will give you all the information necessary to pick your perfect fence.


Top 12 Amazing Picket Fence Designs

Picket fence designs were once confined to a mundane and predictable fashion. That is until recently when these 12 amazing designs were discovered.  Click here to find out how the team at Jay Fencing can help you get your own picket fence hassle-free and at the best price.


Post Hole Digging Service Kitchener

Post hole digging can be a challenge for even the most experienced handyman. There is much more to it than simply digging a few holes with a shovel. In fact, post hole digging includes various steps and requires many different tools. Unless you already own a clamshell digger, a digging bar, and a reciprocating saw, you might find yourself with a few extra expenses on your hands.


Phoenix Fences and other Songs On Fence Design Wisdom

Great music moves us and remains timeless just like well-crafted fences designed for purpose and aesthetics. This article uncovers the fence design wisdom in every great fence song. Click here to find out how the team at Jay Fencing can help create fences that exude soulful craftsmanship like the best music that moves us.