25 Amazing Metal Fence Gates

Looking for metal fence gates inspiration? Fence gates can add lots of flair and personality to your existing fence! This gallery provides 25 amazing metal fence gates images to inspire and help you with your own search for the perfect gate for your fence. Want more information on metal fences and fence gates? Contact the experts at Jay Fencing today, and we’ll gladly help you out!

25 Amazing Metal Fence Gates

Check out all the amazing metal fence gates below!

#25 – Equestrian

You may notice that many decorative metal fence gates contain wood or other fencing materials. This beautiful and unique wood and metal fence gate is truly a work of art!

#24 – Small Red Gate

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This adorable red metal fence proves that metal fences do not have to be boring at all! Many people think of black or grey when it comes to metal fences and gates. However, metal fences and gates can come in any vivid colour you choose! This festive gate is quaint and adds lots of personality to the existing wooden fence.

#23 – Modern Doors

With metal gates, the possibilities are nearly endless! This ultra-modern fence gate/door would look beautiful in the yard of any equally ultra-modern home. It is almost hard to tell this is even a gate! It looks like a piece of modern art.

#22 – Leafy Metal Gates

This gorgeous, decorative metal gate looks beautiful between wooden fence panels. It would look equally beautiful with a metal fence! It may not provide a lot of privacy, but like the other gates listed above, it is a work of art and adds so much character to this yard.

#21 – Dragonfly Gate

When it comes to metal gates, the possibilities are nearly endless! Because metal can be molded and crafted into anything, decorative metal gates are quite popular. This whimsical dragonfly gate looks like it belongs in an art gallery! It will definitely have people stopping to stare!

#20 – Happy & Simple

A different take on the classic metal gate, this adorable, mid-sized gate contains just enough detail without drawing too much attention to itself. The beautiful red roses woven in, and the little family at the bottom transform a typical metal gate into a unique, fun fixture on this property.

#19 – Steel & Wood

This is a mostly wooden gate with a metal twist! This gate has been reinforced with steel and has had wheels added to the bottom. This is a great design for a stronger gate, and allows for this gate to open double-door style with complete ease!

#18 – Personalized Iron

If you’re looking for a more classic take on metal gates, this white, personalized iron gate may be more your style! It has an elegant flair and also does a great job protecting this property.

#17 – Ultra-Modern Squares

Another ultra-modern metal gate in this gallery, this modern gate provides more air flow and looks absolutely stunning alongside this stone wall. The all black metal bars looks great paired alongside the golden handle, giving it a splash of colour.

#16 – Decorative Hearts

This simple and elegant metal gate is a gorgeous addition to this yard. It looks perfect in between two stone pillars and shows that simplicity does not have to be boring! It has the perfect amount of detail and personality for those that prefer a unique but simple metal gate.

#15 – The Classic Metal Gate

If fancy designs and unique patterns are not your thing, a classic black metal gate may be the perfect gate for you! This simple and classy gate looks good paired with any kind of fence – metal, wood, stone, you name it! You don’t have to put a lot of effort into making this simple gate look great.

#14 – Beautiful Driveway Gates

This intricate, detailed driveway metal gate design is sure to turn the heads of neighbours driving by! This piece made our list not only because it looks beautiful, but also because of the handiwork it must have taken to craft such an intricate design!

#13 – Whimsical Wonder

This playfully unique metal fence gate was crafted by David Freedman, an artist, blacksmith, and sculptor based out of Great Britain. One of the greatest things about metal gates is the amazing artwork that can transform sheets of metal into beautiful gate designs for an otherwise simple property!

#12 – Super Stylish Iron Gate

This metal gate is situated between two stone pillars and in front of a wooden fence – this is a great example of mixing materials! This iron gate also combines a modern and traditional look, and it looks absolutely beautiful on this property!

#11 – Elegant & Old Fashioned

This stunning metal gates look as though it may be a repurposed old door, or maybe it was built purposely to look old-fashioned! Either way, this metal gate leads into a private backyard garden, and adds a whimsical, almost magical feel to the surrounding area!

#10 – Modern Garden Gate

Another metal garden gate to make our list, this modern yet classy garden gate looks amazing surrounded by the brick fence and perfectly landscaped foliage!

#9 – Classic & Secure

This classic double automatic iron gate looks great surrounded by greenery and two stone pillars. Many decorative metal gates do not provide security. This gate, however, provides a great amount of security for this property and family!

#8 – Modern & Secure

If you prefer a modern look over the classic metal gate look but still want security, you will be pleased to see that you can have it all! This awesome modern metal fence gate blends in with the rest of the fence. It provides lots of privacy and is quite tall, so it also provides the security you need!

#7 – Tall Classic Metal Gate

You often see decorative metal gates that are short and wide, or just plain tiny! You do not have to sacrifice security for decor. This tall, decorative metal gate provides the security you need while also adding personality to your property!

#6 – Wood & Metal

Though this fence gate contains a lot of wood, it would not be complete without the metal interwoven into the inside of this gate! The beautiful wooden posts provide the classic look similar to a picket fence, while the metal helps keep unwanted visitors out and children and pets safe inside.

#5 – Pool Fence

If your local bylaws require you to put up a fence around your pool, you probably want to ensure that fence looks just as good as your backyard fence! This simple metal fence complete with a matching metal gate looks great and helps to keep everyone safe around your pool in your own backyard oasis.

#4 – Rounded Garden Gate

This unique garden gate acts as a beautiful entrance into an even more gorgeous garden! With intricate designs of swirls, flowers, lines, and even a handle and lock, this metal gate and fence would look great surrounding any classic backyard garden.

#3 – Butterfly Gates

If dragonflies aren’t you favourite insect but you still long for a bug-style outdoor metal gate, then this butterfly gate may just blow you away! Its design allows for some privacy as the butterfly obstructs the view of your yard – plus it looks amazing! You will definitely have a unique gate in your neighbourhood.

#2 – Ranch Style Gates

These ranch style metal fence gates would look great on any farm – or any property that is going for a cool country feel! Add them to the end of your driveway or use them at the entrance of your farm property – the possibilities are nearly endless with this traditional gate!

#1 – Garden Tool Gate

Can’t figure out what to do with your old gardening equipment or leftover metal outdoor decorative pieces? How about turning them into a work of art! This unique gate combines shovels, wheels, and other outdoor equipment of various sorts to create a fully functional backyard gate!

Looking for your own beautiful and unique metal fence gates?

Adding a fence gate to your property can help increase security on both residential and commercial lots! Gates help ensure that children and pets are secure in your backyard or property. They also help ensure that unwanted visitors cannot easily access your property. Adding an automatic gate to your property can help increase functionality, appearance, and security!

Here at Jay Fencing, your happiness is our top priority. Whether you’re looking for style, functionality, or both, we have the driveway gates in Waterloo, Kitchener, and Toronto that you have been looking for. We offer the products and installation services you need to get the project going, from start to finish.

“We had Jay Fencing install an ornamental steel fence on the street sides of our corner lot in Harriston. The people in the office had the local bylaws in hand, and we planned the fence with their help. The crew showed up on time with everything they needed (we’re 45 minutes from the shop) greeted us and got to work. They worked steadily, got the posts in, and even installed two gate arbors for us. A few days later, they returned to attach the panels; the work was quickly finished, and the compliments have been coming in ever since. The fence suits our home, and the workmanship is topnotch.”

– Jean & Dirk, Jay Fencing Customers – Read More Testimonials Here!

Want to learn more about metal fence gates?

Wood Fence Panels Buying Guide

Looking to buy wood fence panels but don’t know where to start? This handy wood fence panel buying guide will help you decide what fence panels are best for you, considering factors from material, to style, to the best places to buy fence panels, and more! This article will guide you through the whole process from beginning your fence panel search to finally installing a fence. Ready to learn more about wood fence panels and fence installation? Contact the experts at Jay Fencing now!

Wood Fence Panels Buying Guide – Types of Wood

There are many different types of wood that fence panels can be built out of. The most common types of wood panels you’ll find in your local hardware store may depend on your location.  Some trees are native to certain areas, and therefore may be more or less common, and more or less expensive, depending on where you live. We have provided an estimate for each wood material cost, but it may vary depending on your location. The following outlines some of the types of wood you may come across when choosing your wood fence panels.

  • Southern Yellow Pine ($): A generally cheaper wood material that is not naturally resistant to rot or insects. In order to keep this wood from becoming a new home to pests, you will need to treat it to help resist rot, insects, and sap. However, if you are looking for a cost-effective find, this might be a good choice for you.
  • Douglas Fir ($$): Fence boards made from Douglas Fir are strong and stable. With this type of wood, you won’t have to worry about sap. However, it is not naturally insect or rot resistant and will need to be treated to resist these potential problems.
  • White Woods ($): White woods are not a specific type of wood. It is used as a term to describe inferior types of spruce, pine, and fir. White woods are usually much cheaper and are not resistant to insects or rot. If left untreated, they have a very short lifespan compared to other woods.
  • Redwood ($$$) – Naturally resistant to rot, insects, and moisture. Comes in a beautiful red colour, prized for both its aesthetics and strength.


Wood Fence Panels – Style

After you have selected the type of wood that suits you and your budget, it’s time to select your fence panel style! When selecting the style of fence panels, your preference is what matters most. Do you need a privacy fence? Do you prefer aesthetics over practicality? Do you want both? Asking these questions ahead of time will help you pick the fence style that’s right for you!

Check out the images below for a list of pros and cons for these common fence panel styles.

The list above is not exclusive, however. There are other types of wooden fence panels that you can install, and may even prefer! Here are some panel styles not listed above.

  • Picket Fence: Picket fences are a classic and traditional look. If you want aesthetics, you will definitely get it with a beautiful new picket fence! Picket fences are often painted white but can be painted whatever colour you choose, or left natural. Like post and rail fences, picket fences do not provide a lot of privacy and are not the best fence to contain children or pets.
  • Louver: Louver wooden fences are tall, staggered boards that provide some, but not total, privacy. They allow airflow in through the wide spaces between the boards. They are often used in addition to privacy fences and may be used to surround a deck or pool.
  • Lattice: A full lattice fence can be a beautiful addition to any home and yard. They do not provide full privacy on their own. However, they will obscure the view through the fence and they are often paired with shrubbery to fill in the spaces. Therefore, they can be a good privacy fence if set up this way. Lattice is not the strongest fence type and may not withstand a strong force.


Where To Purchase Fence Panels

There are many places to purchase fence panels. You may even be lucky enough to know someone personally who can provide you with the perfect fence panels you need! If not, here are some common places where you can find and purchase the fence panels that you’ve been waiting for.

  • Hardware stores: Rona, Home Depot, and Lowe’s are all common places to purchase fence panels. Purchasing fence panels from a large hardware store will offer many options, including styles and wood types. It’s easy to compare prices and determine a close approximation of how much your fence will cost in total.
  • Online: Others try to snag the best deal from purchasing online or via such as Kijiji. There are many ads and private sellers currently selling fence panels. Though this may seem like an appealing option, it’s important to be aware of possible scams. If you choose to go this route, understanding what quality wood looks like and knowing how to avoid online scams is vital.
  • From Your Fence Installer: If you choose to hire an installer, there is a good chance they will supply you with everything you need – and that it will all be included in the price. Hiring an experienced and trustworthy installer is one way to ensure your fence panels are exactly what you want and need.

Fence Installers vs Do-It-Yourself: Post Hole Digging

Post hole digging can be a major challenge for anyone, especially inexperienced DIYers. The entire process of fence installation can be strenuous and challenging, but post hole digging is probably the biggest challenge you will run into if you decided to go the DIY fence installation route.

In the video below, we watch as a product reviewer uses a rented post hole digger for the first time. From the challenges of using a rental digger, to the actual digging process, you can see what one DIYer’s experience with a post hole digger was like!


Of course, there are some benefits to doing it yourself. The two DIYers in the video above had a relatively good experience with the digger. When asked if he would rent a digger again, the man replies that he most likely would. When choosing to install a fence yourself, you are on your own timeline. Your fence can be installed as quickly or slowly as you choose. Some people love at-home projects and look forward to their next DIY renovation or project. For many people, doing-it-yourself is a hobby and a rewarding experience.

However, even if you love DIY projects, doing it yourself can be a big challenge. Post hole digging and fence installation can cause a host of ergonomic issues for the installer. Instead of renting a post hole digger, some opt to make their own digging device. Digging with a home-made digger can cause serious injuries if the device is made incorrectly or used by an inexperienced handyperson.

Even digging without the use of heavy machinery can lead to injury. When proper techniques are not used, potential injuries include:

  • muscle strain or soreness
  • twisting your legs or back
  • overexertion
  • fatigue

The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS) explains the physical difficulties that come with digging and provides ergonomic digging techniques.

Post hole digging Kitchener

Though many people enjoy the time spent DIYing, others just do not have the extra time, effort, or energy to put in the work required to install their fence properly. A rushed fence installation can cause serious problems down the road, and you may need to end up hiring a professional anyway to fix major problems.

On top of potential ergonomic issues the DIYers may face, there may also be a host of technical issues the DIYer can run into while working on their fence. Fence installation requires a lot of precision. If you dig your hole in the wrong spot, it will need to be filled and re-dug. This can leave a nasty, lasting mark on your yard! A shallow hole will not be sturdy, leading to potential structural issues down the road. Proper planning and precise marking will ensure little or no mistakes.

Another issue many do-it-yourselfers encounter is one they have no control over – the soil itself. On the forum, a member called Black Forest responded to a question about digging in rocky soil. User Black Forest replied, “If you bore down in anywhere close to a tree or football size rocks or bigger you will stick the auger. Then you will have to dig it out by hand. No fun at all.”

The two DIYers in the video above had the exact problem that Black Forest mentioned. They dug too close to a tree, and ran into some very thick roots. These roots could not be broken up by the digger, and they were left to do the rest of the digging by hand!

Why Choose Fence Installers?

Potential post hole digging problems is not the only reason to call on fence installation experts. Are you on the fence about DIY vs fence installers? Here are some of the differences when working with fence installers instead of doing-it-yourself.

  • They know the laws: Are you aware of all the fencing bylaws in your city, town, or district? Ignoring fencing bylaws can cause major problems down the road – including potentially needing to tear down your fence and install a new compliant one. An experienced installer will know the bylaws so you don’t have to worry about your fence following the law.
  • They’ll help you choose: Stuck trying to decide between two types of wood? Can’t pick between a picket fence or shadowbox? A fence installer will help you pick the right materials and styles for you, your home, and your family.
  • They see potential problems: Didn’t notice how much your backyard tree has grown in the last five years? A fence installer will be able to see all of the potential problems and obstructions, such as thick roots, rocky soil, and even slopes that may be difficult to work with. Not only will an experienced installer be able to recognize these issues, they also know the solution to them.
  • Worry free – When you go with an experienced and professional fence installation company, you won’t have to worry about all that could go wrong. When doing-it-yourself, you are in charge of everything – including mistakes and potential problems, but when you hire a reputable company, you can sit back, relax, and watch as the professionals help create the property of your dreams.

Contact The Professionals at Jay Fencing Today!

If you are worried about the cost of your new fence, remember that one of the best ways to get the best price is by choosing a reputable installation company. An experienced installer will help you know what’s best for you and your property, will know and understand fair pricing, and will only do the highest quality work. With an experienced installer, you can avoid all the potential DIY pitfalls and skip right to the beautifully installed wooden privacy fence of your dreams.

At Jay Fencing Ltd, you can feel confident that we will only recommend products or services that are best for you and your needs. This means you won’t be buying any unnecessary products or services that will make the price go up. We offer free onsite consultations for all the jobs we quote on!

“We are very impressed with the quality and service that we have received from Jay Fencing with the installation of a 6 foot fence across the back of our yard. The structured schedule that was outlined for us for the installation was spot on, even with the different weather conditions. The installers that came to the house were very nice people, they were hard workers and did an excellent job. I highly recommend this company; and when the time comes to replace the fences at the sides of our property – guess who we will be calling!

– A Jay Fencing customer – Read more testimonials here!

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