Top 5 All Year Gazebos

Adding a gazebo to your deck or yard can increase your backyard’s functionality and aesthetic appeal. A temporary gazebo may be ideal for an isolated event, but an all year gazebo can provide shelter, shade, and act as a beautiful permanent addition to any yard all year round. In Canada, many wooden gazebos are built with stronger, weather-resistant wood so you won’t have to worry about your gazebo in the cold winters. If you’re interested in an all year, wooden gazebo but don’t know which style is best for you, see our guide below. Still have questions? Contact the experts at Jay Fencing today – we also do gazebos!

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About Wooden Gazebos

Gazebo by Jay Fencing

Wooden gazebos come in many styles and can be made from many types of wood. When looking for an all year wooden gazebo, many choose to construct their gazebo with redwood or cedar. This is due to their strength and natural resistance to moisture compared to other woods. Both redwood and cedar have naturally beautiful finishes and are easily customizable to suit all of your personal preferences. Redwood and cedar gazebos are an excellent choice for residential needs.

Each wooden gazebo style comes with its own pros and cons and unique look and functionality. For each gazebo style, we will outline the best use, functionality, and best location to place it. Remember that all gazebo styles listed below can be made from any type of wood (or other material) that best suits your needs and budget. Read on to see our top 5 picks for best all year gazebos!

Top 5 All Year Gazebos

There are gazebo styles for every want, need, and budget! Some gazebos offer little shelter but provide a property with beautiful aesthetic appeal, increasing property value. Other gazebos are simple and easy to maintain, while offering high functionality. The definition of a gazebo is fairly board – any outdoor roofed structure that offers a view of the surroundings qualifies as a gazebo. That’s why there are so many different options! The list below outlines some of the top all year gazebo styles to help you decide what structure is best for you, your family, and your property!

Folly Gazebos

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Description: The folly gazebo can be made from any material, but is commonly made from stone or even brick. Folly gazebos can come in any size, though many look similar to the one shown on the left – more slender and taller than the average gazebo.

Use: Folly gazebos are exclusively used to add aesthetic appeal to wherever they are constructed. They typically do not provide any shelter, shade, or any other use aside from aesthetics.

Functionality: Not functional as a traditional gazebo, the folly gazebo is purely designed as a work of art. Depending on the materials, they may be difficult to transport due to intricate designs.

Location: Folly gazebos are often placed on very large properties, they are often surrounded by gardens, or added to forest clearings.


Rotunda Style Gazebos

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Description: Rotundas are a style of gazebo that is based on European design. They are usually larger, though can come in smaller sizes. Rotunda gazebos are circular in design and usually have a domed roof.

Use: Rotundas are very popular as backyard gazebos. They often have a handrail built around most of the gazebo. They are great choices for entertaining guests or spending an afternoon reading outdoors.

Functionality: Since rotundas are one of the most common types of gazebos, they are very functional for many needs. They provide shade, shelter, and can even contain toddlers and small pets.

Location: Rotunda style gazebos are found everywhere! Many choose to add them on to their existing deck or patio, or clear a space in the yard to place by a pool or hot tub.




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Description: Pavilion style gazebos are large, open gazebos with easy access from all sides. Pavilions are usually quite simple in design, though you can sometimes find more intricate styles to suit different preferences.

Functionality: Pavilions are easy to care for as they are simply built, with minimal maintenance depending on the type of wood used. They provide shade, but do not provide as much shelter as other styles such as rotunda gazebos.

Use: Pavilions are used for many different occasions, on many different terrains, and for many different uses. They are a universal gazebo that works for many situations.

Location: Pavilions are usually located close to or right up against the main building.


Enclosed Gazebos

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Description: Enclosed gazebos can come in a variety of sub-styles, but many look similar to the one shown on the left. Enclosed gazebos are usually fully closed and often come with a door.

Functionality: Enclosed gazebos require much more maintenance than other styles. However, they also provide much more shelter and shade than other gazebos. You can worry less about bugs, wind, and rain, and enjoy a mini backyard retreat.

Use: Enclosed gazebos are often used as separate rooms away from the house. Many add couches, tables, and even TVs to the inside of an enclosed gazebo. They can also help contain children and pets.

Location: Typically, you will find enclosed gazebos in a larger backyard separate from the deck or patio.



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Description: Pergolas are long gazebo styles (though some consider pergolas and gazebos as separate designs). They often have open tops, though some are built with an enclosed roof.

Functionality: Like a pavilion, pergolas have no floor and are an open concept. They provide little-to-average shade but offer limited protection from the elements. However, they are very easy to build and add aesthetic appeal.

Use: Many choose to add vines or climbing plants to their pergola, which adds aesthetic appeal as well as shade. They are a good way to section off a part of your yard.

Location: Pergolas are often found in both large and small yards, as smaller pergolas can easily be built and are still functional. You may also see pergolas on restaurant patios or other commercial properties.


Gazebo Care – Ensure Your Gazebo Lasts All Year!

Some wooden gazebos, like those made from redwood and cedar, can typically make it through many winters without any problems. However, many still suggest you take the time to “winterize” your gazebo no matter what material it is made from to ensure it lasts as long as possible.

To begin winterizing your gazebo, rake and remove all fallen leaves and debris around your gazebo before the snow falls. Doing this will help maintain the integrity of your gazebo for years to come. Some other tips include:

  • Remove cobwebs and other debris from the inside of your gazebo
  • Clean out all cracks, holes, and crevices – you don’t want any unwanted pests such as mice to see your gazebo as a cozy home!
  • Clean with your hose to ensure all cobwebs and other debris have been removed hard-to-reach places
  • Double check that all screws on your gazebo are tight – the snow can put a lot of weight on your gazebo and cause problems if there’s a loose screw (or two)!

Find and Install Your Perfect Gazebo With Jay Fencing!

There are many online guides and YouTube videos on how to build a DIY gazebo. However, building a gazebo from scratch or even from a kit can be a challenge. Ergonomic issues such as strained muscles, heat exhaustion, or fatigue can halt the process and result in serious injury.

DIY can also end up costing more due to improper installation – repairs and even replacements down the road can result in many unexpected costs.

One of the best ways to avoid unexpected costs and DIY frustrations is by choosing a reputable installation company. An experienced installer will help you know what’s best for you and your property, will know and understand fair pricing, and will only do the highest quality work. Avoid pitfalls and skip right to the beautifully installed gazebo of your dreams with Jay Fencing! 

“We are very pleased with our new deck with gazebo. I was very impressed by the
city inspector’s comment that whoever built the deck takes great pride in their
work. Again many thanks.”

– Bob – Read more testimonials here!

At Jay Fencing Ltd, you can feel confident that we will only recommend products or services that are best for you and your needs. This means you won’t be buying any unnecessary products or services that will make the price go up. We offer free onsite consultations for all the jobs we quote on!

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Fence And Railing Guelph

Looking to install a fence and/or railing in Guelph? When you choose to install a fence or railing, there are many options to choose from. Professional fence installers, doing it yourself (DIY), and even hiring a contractor off websites such as Kijiji are all options. This article looks at the pros and cons of each installation to help you make the choice that is best for you! For more information on fence and railing installation, contact the experts at Jay Fencing now!

Fence And Railing Guelph – Pros And Cons To Know

Railings by Jay Fencing

Fences and railings can help add extra security and safety to your property, as well as increase property value. Decorative railings can transform a balcony or deck, while also ensuring you and your family stay safe. A great fence will add character to your property while ensuring children and remain safe.

With so many railing and fence options, it can be difficult to decide what method of fence and railing installation is best for you, your budget, and your property. This section will not only outline the benefits and drawbacks of each, but also looks at common customer challenges when working with professional fence installers.

Pros & Cons – DIY Installation: Fence and Railing Guelph

Pros: Do you love handiwork? Are you a natural handyman? If so, you may enjoy big DIY projects such as fence and railing installation. When you do it yourself, you have full control over the final product. You control your own timeline so the project can take as short or long as you prefer. You also control the materials used, and even the tools used are completely up to you. If you have a lot of spare time and a good knowledge of tools, materials, and construction, DIY fencing can be a fun and fulfilling project for your home.

Cons: If you do not know much about construction or handiwork, DIY fence installation can be more than just a slight challenge. Even for the experienced handyman, fence and railing installation can be a big challenge. Post hole digging is not only strenuous work, but must be done precisely. If not, you may end up with unusable holes all over your yard or property. Doing it yourself can also lead to other problems such as:

  • Ergonomic issues – When improper installation techniques are used, potential injuries include muscle strain or soreness, overexertion or fatigue, and even twisting your back or leg.
  • Technical issues – Aside from issues with digging precision, there are some technical issues you have no control over, like soil conditions such as rocky soil, wet soil, and soil with too much clay. All these can make a seemingly simple DIY project turn into a longer and more expensive project.
  • Legal issues – Do you know your city or town’s fencing bylaws? Neighbourhood fencing disputes can end up costing tens of thousands of dollars. A recent news article from tells the story of a neighbour who faced $50,000 in court fees due to improper fence height. Working with a qualified and experienced fencing installation company will help avoid breaking local bylaws.

Pros & Cons – Kijiji: Fence and Railing Guelph

Pros: Kijiji and other online classified advertisements have become increasingly popular. This is no surprise as many businesses have begun increasing their online presence. Kijiji makes it easy to see many ads at the same time. You can compare companies and individual contractors in a matter of seconds! Their search feature makes it simple to specify exactly what you are looking for. Some other neat features and benefits include:

  • Ability to specify your exact location so you only receive local advertisements
  • Ability to specify your price range
  • Ability to see how recently a posting was listed

Cons: As convenient and simple as sites like Kijiji are, there is an unfortunate number of people preying on innocent individuals. Kijiji offers information about protecting yourself from scams and other potential problems. It even offers a specific page on protecting yourself from service scams.

Though scams can be found everywhere, the online world is full of them. If you find an individual contractor on Kijiji, it is unlikely you will be able to find any Google Reviews or a website for that individual. There are many reputable companies posting on Kijiji, but it will take more work and research on your part to find them and weed out the potential scammers.

Pros & Cons – Professional Installers: Fence and Railing Guelph

Some of the Jay Fencing team!

Pros: One of the biggest benefits of working with a professional installer is peace of mind. When you work with a professional installation company, you can rest assured that your fence or railing will be installed by experienced workers who know all the ins and outs of the installation process. Working with professional installers also means working with individuals who work with you too! Professionals work with your budget, your preferences, and your needs. Some other benefits when working with a professional company includes:

  • Knowledge of environmental conditions – Rocky soil? Slanted or sloped yard? Tree roots in the way? These may be huge problems for inexperienced contractors or the do-it-yourselfer. For an experienced professional, these are challenges that can be easily solved with the right know-how!
  • Knowledge of bylaws – When working with experienced installers, you won’t have to worry about memorizing all the bylaws of your city or town. A professional company will already know any legal restrictions and will help ensure your newly installed product follows all bylaw rules and restrictions.
  • Great customer service – A professional company will value customer service. This means only recommending products and services that are right for you, as well as ensuring you are satisfied throughout the entire building process.

Cons: Working with professional installers may require a bigger budget. An experienced, professional installation team will work with high-quality materials and offer high-quality workmanship, which may cost more up front. However, it is important to remember that though the costs may seem higher, you will likely save money in the long run. A properly and professionally installed fence will last longer and remain strong over time, meaning you will not have to pour money into it down the road.

It may also take some time to find a reputable company. However, putting in the research ahead of time will ensure you work with a company that suits all your wants and needs. Unlike DIY, working with a professional installer means you do not have complete, 100% control over your project. Still, a professional company will continuously work with you to ensure you are satisfied with the final results.

Common Customer Challenges – How Jay Fencing Does It Differently!

Fencing by Jay Fencing

Working with a fence installation company can come with a host of challenges. Unprofessional and inexperienced installers can cause many problems for customers. Read below to see these common customer complaints and challenges, and learn how Jay Fencing does it differently!

Challenge #1 – Poor Customer Service

One of the most common challenges for customers working with any service is poor customer service. Poor customer service can come in the form of rude workers, disorganized files/paperwork, and a lack of response to phone calls or emails. Many customers have found that some local fence installation companies do not value customer service.

How We Do It Differently: At Jay Fencing, we value top notch customer service. We also value our customer’s comfort and work hard to ensure the experience is stress-free from start to finish. Click here to see what one of our customers has to say about our customer service!


Challenge #2 – Inexperienced Workers/Installers

Some customers working with fence installation companies found that the installers working on their fence or railing were clearly inexperienced. Other customers found themselves in a frustrating situation – they loved working with the company and business owners, but found the installers were rude and unprofessional. Great management and professional installers are both important when looking for an installation company!

How We Do It Differently: When you choose to work with Jay Fencing, you are choosing to work with experienced and professionals installers. We highly value having experienced and hardworking staff so that our customers receive only the highest quality work. Click here to see what one of our customers has to say about our experienced and professional workers!


Challenge #3 – Lacks The Know-How

If you choose to work with an installation company instead of doing it yourself, it is reasonable to expect proper experience and know-how! Unfortunately, many customers found that some installation companies lacked the know-how when working with irregular or difficult properties, such as sloped backyards.

How We Do It Differently: Our trained and professional staff know how to work with properties of all shapes and sizes! We work with both commercial and residential properties and know how to navigate difficult terrain. Click here to see what one of our customers has to say about how Jay Fencing works with irregular properties!

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One of the best ways to avoid common customer challenges and DIY pitfalls is by choosing a reputable installation company. An experienced installer will help you know what’s best for you and your property, will know and understand fair pricing, and will only do the highest quality work. Avoid pitfalls and skip right to the beautifully installed fence or railing of your dreams with Jay Fencing! 

At Jay Fencing Ltd, you can feel confident that we will only recommend products or services that are best for you and your needs. This means you won’t be buying any unnecessary products or services that will make the price go up.

We offer free onsite consultations for all the jobs we quote on!

“We are very impressed with the quality and service that we have received from Jay Fencing with the installation of a 6 foot fence across the back of our yard. The structured schedule that was outlined for us for the installation was spot on, even with the different weather conditions. The installers that came to the house were very nice people, they were hard workers and did an excellent job.”

– A Jay Fencing Customer! Read more testimonials here!

Fences Kitchener: Street Smarts and Services

fences kitchener

Looking for fences in Kitchener or the surrounding areas? Choosing to install a new fence can be a big decision. When reading online or talking to neighbours, you may hear about many fencing and fencing service blunders! How do you avoid these potential problems? This article outlines the possible problems you might run into and shows how you can have great fencing street smarts! Looking for more information about installing a new fence the right way? Contact the experts at Jay Fencing today!

Fences Kitchener – Big Project Blunders

Unfortunately, fencing blunders can happen anywhere, including in Kitchener! In October 2016, Catherine Thompson of reported that a ten-foot cinder block fence installed between two houses caused major problems between two neighbours in Kitchener. The unhappy neighbour has been trying for over two years to get the city involved with this problem, as she feels her neighbour’s cinder block fence, which looks more like a large wall, is not residential in any way.

However, the cinder block fence owner did not break any bylaws regarding fence material – the bylaw does not regulate what fences can be made out of. Overall, this situation appeared to be a messy one and caused a rift between two neighbours that may take a while to solve.

Even if your new fence is within the city’s bylaw regulations, you may want to ensure it will not be offensive to your neighbours, as that can cause more problems down the road! When it comes to fencing, a lot can go wrong if you do not work with experienced installers or know how to follow bylaws. Unhappy neighbours are not the only potential fencing blunder you may run into!

Fence safety is another issue that has some people worried. In September 2016, Catherine Thompson of reported that many Kitchener residents were worried not about a residential fence, but about a scrap yard fence!

Thompson reported that residents worried about a scrap metal dealer trying to purchase more land. They argued that the scrap yard was already unsafe and that its fence was dangerous, rusty, unstable and was not sturdy enough to keep curious children out.

Ensuring that your fencing, whether commercial or residential, is clean, safe, and up to your city’s bylaw standards is important for both you and your community. Ensure that you regularly inspect your fence for serious damage or dangerous pieces, especially with commercial or metal fences.

Popular Fence Types in Kitchener

Before you know how to avoid particular blunders, it’s important to decide on what fencing material you want to use! With each fencing material comes unique potential problems. For example, you may not have to worry about fence height with a traditional chain link fence, but you will have to keep that part of the fencing bylaw in mind with a wood or vinyl fence. You won’t have to worry about rust with a wood fence, but you should keep an eye out for rusting on a chain link or other metal fence. Here are the top most common fence types that will surround most residential or commercial properties:

Wood Fence by Jay Fencing

  • Wood – Wood fences can be built from many different types of materials. Wood fences can range in height and style, and are one of the common types of fences for backyards. Wood fences require maintenance, but depending on the specific type of wood, they may require more or less (for example, some woods are naturally insect repellent, while others will need to be treated).
  • Chain Link – Chain link is a cost effective and economical fencing solution. It is a great way to protect your property and keep kids and pets safe while on a budget. Chain link is also frequently seen around commercial properties or surrounding parks and walkways in subdivisions and neighbourhoods.
  • Vinyl – Vinyl is not as common as chain link or wood fences but it is becoming an increasingly popular choice! Vinyl requires very little maintenance and often has the look of wood. It is sturdy and when installed correctly, can last for quite some time.

Fences Kitchener – Customer Challenges

No matter what type of fence you choose to go with, there are many issues and challenges homeowners face throughout the entire fence purchasing and installation process. Here are some challenges customers have faced with fence installers in the Kitchener area.

#1 Poor Customer ServiceCustomer service can make all the difference. Unfortunately, many customers have found other fencing companies to have poor customer service, especially if the company does not have enough staff on hand to deal with many customer requests and needs.

How Jay Fencing Does It Differently“My gates were installed yesterday. Thank you everything looks great. I wanted to let you know that this was a very professional experience by your team. Our family felt comfortable and at ease from start to finish.” – Mike W

#2 Incorrect Installation – One of the biggest problems that customers face when working with fence installation companies is incorrect or improper installation of fence posts, boards, or gates. Fence post installation can be a tiresome and tricky process, but is extremely important that your installation company has the know-how! If not, you may find yourself paying more to fix your fence or find it just isn’t as safe or sturdy as it should be.

How Jay Fencing Does It Differently: “We had Jay Fencing install an ornamental steel fence on the street sides of our corner lot in Harriston. The people in the office had the local bylaws in hand, and we planned the fence with their help. The crew showed up on time with everything they needed (we’re 45 minutes from the shop) greeted us and got to work.” – Jean and Dirk

#3 Unprofessional – Another frustrating problem customers often experience when working with installation companies is an unprofessional atmosphere. This may look like unprofessional language or behaviour, frequently arriving late or during off-hours to work on the fence, or providing confusing or incomplete paperwork.

How Jay Fencing Does It Differently: “The fence looks great and we have had so many good comments about it from the neighbors.  I want to also let you know that all of your guys that were on site were professional and the work they did was top notch.” – Paul

#4 Inexperienced Installers – Some customers have found themselves in a tricky situation: they love the business owner, but they have had a terrible experience with the installers! Working with professional management and installers are equally important when getting the job done. Unfortunately, this does not always happen.

How Jay Fencing Does It Differently: “The installers were just amazing and went out of their way to make us happy and the final price was no higher at all than what we were quoted. We would use Jay Fencing again in a heartbeat and would highly recommend them.” – Tracy Talor

#5 Poor Clean-Up – Many customers have noticed that, although the fence installation process went well, the aftermath left them feeling uncared for and frustrated. Nails left all over the yard, hidden in the grass where children or pets could get at them, or dirt piles and garbage were left behind. All this can turn an otherwise great experience into a frustrating one.

How Jay Fencing Does It Differently:Just a note to let you know that the fence looks great. Your crews were very professional and left everything clean and tidy. Thanks again for getting the fence completed on the weekend it is very much appreciated.” – Phil 

#6 Lacks The Know-How – Some customers have found that fencing companies only know how to work with standard properties. One customer complained that the fencing company they worked with was unable to properly install the fence around their uneven backyard. This can cause major frustration, especially if the fence is installed anyway – and customers find out later that it was incorrectly installed!

How Jay Fencing Does It Differently: “They did a great job, it is a bit of an irregular property but it is better than we expected.  They were also very courteous and helpful. They asked for our input before continuing with some of the installation.  They cleaned up the property before leaving, looked like they were never there.” – Geri


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Fence Installation – Do It Yourself?

Fence installation can be tricky to do yourself. It requires precision, know-how, and a good understanding of tools, machinery, soil, and weather conditions. Post hole digging is the most strenuous part of fence installation. Some choose to dig with a post hole digger. Others choose to dig by hand. Both can be dangerous and strenuous. Digging without the use of heavy machinery can still lead to injury. When improper techniques are used, potential injuries include muscle strain or soreness, overexertion or fatigue, and even twisting your back or leg.

Watch the video below to see what post hole digging with the use of a digger looks like.


Post hole digging also requires lots of time. This is not a one day job! Time can widely vary and depends on the size of the property, soil type, experience, and tools. Even a quick job can take countless hours and many days, leading to repetitive muscle straining and exhaustion. The inexperienced installer may accidentally dig a hole in the wrong spot – this means you’ll have to completely start over and fill in the hole, which may lead to lasting damage on your lawn!

It is also important to know your city or town’s bylaws regarding fencing. In Kitchener, there are bylaws that regulate where on the property a fence is allowed (within specific property lines) and how tall your fence can be, among other stipulations. It is important to be aware of these bylaws before digging post holes, as you may accidentally dig them outside your property line and end up with a hefty fine – or possibly find yourself in a dispute with your neighbours.

Avoid Pitfalls With Jay Fencing

One of the best ways to avoid common customer challenges and DIY pitfalls is by choosing a reputable installation company. An experienced installer will help you know what’s best for you and your property, will know and understand fair pricing, and will only do the highest quality work. Avoid pitfalls and skip right to your beautifully installed fence of your dreams with Jay Fencing! 

At Jay Fencing Ltd, you can feel confident that we will only recommend products or services that are best for you and your needs. This means you won’t be buying any unnecessary products or services that will make the price go up.

We offer free onsite consultations for all the jobs we quote on!