Top Invisible Fence Reviews: Extreme Dog Fence, PetSafe, SportDOG, Dogtra, and More

Top Invisible Fence Reviews: Extreme Dog Fence, PetSafe, SportDOG, Dogtra, and More

Interested in purchasing an invisible fence for your canine companion? An invisible fence is an in-ground or wireless electrical fence system. Your dog wears a collar that sends a light shock when they cross the boundary. The shock does not hurt or harm the dog. With proper training, many dogs quickly learn to stay within the boundaries of the invisible fence. These top invisible fence reviews will help you determine if an invisible fence is right for your dog.

Invisible Fence Reviews – 8 Product Details

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A Closer Look At These Featured Invisible Fence Systems

The following section provides a closer look at the invisible fence systems listed above, including both the pros and cons of each option.

A Quick Look At Extreme Dog Fence System

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The Extreme Dog Fence System has a high number of positive reviews from many different dog owners. Known for its durability, the Extreme Dog Fence System can extend from 500 – 1500 feet! This means most owners will not have to worry about running out of wire. The kit comes with a surge protector and waterproof wiring, granting dog owners even more peace of mind. Though this system has generally positive reviews, people have commented on some difficulty installing the product due to its weight.

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A Quick Look At PetSafe® Free to Roam Wireless Pet Fence™

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The Free to Roam Wireless Pet Fence™ requires no installation of underground wires – instead, it uses a wireless transmitter that can be plugged in anywhere, including your home, an RV, etc. The collar is waterproof and allows a “tone only” mode that sends out a beep instead of a static correction when your dog nears the boundaries. The system can cover up to half an acre of land. This product has received generally positive reviews. A few problems owners have run into include difficulty with terrain – living on a hill or slope may affect the wireless fence. Another issue some have faced is lack of battery life for the collar.

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A Quick Look At PetSafe® In-Ground Fence™

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The PetSafe In-Ground Fence covers 1/3 acre with underground wiring but can extend up to 25 acres with additional wiring. The e-collar comes with automatic safety shut-off and will stop the correction after 30 seconds. Owners have the option of 4 adjustable levels of static correction or a tone-only mode. You also have the option of purchasing additional collars for an unlimited number of pets! Some cons of this product include the limited space it covers without additional wiring and customer complaints of faulty systems or false alarms. and

A Quick Look At PetSafe® Stubborn Dog In-Ground Fence™

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The PetSafe® Stubborn Dog In-Ground Fence™ is ideal for larger dogs who do not take well to other variants of invisible fencing. It covers 1/3 acre but can cover up to 25 acres with additional wiring. This system is usable with an unlimited number of dogs. Unlike many of the other collars listed, this e-collar emits increasing correction as the dog gets closer or steps over the boundaries. The Stubborn Dog system includes both a beeping and vibration setting. Some common complaints about this system include the fact that the battery is non-rechargeable and that it does not include battery backup for the control box.

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A Quick Look At SportDOG In-Ground Fence System – SDF-100

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The SportDOG In-Ground Fence System SDF-100 covers up to 100 acres and includes a vibration setting. The collar is known for its durability and is fully waterproof with the ability to handle full emersion. SportDOG is known for its heavy-duty training equipment, making it a trusted brand for many owners. However, this heavy-duty option is not for everyone – some owners are not fond of the bulky collar, especially on smaller dogs. The collar battery is also not rechargeable, making it a bit more of a hassle than other options.

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A Quick Look At Dogtra EF-3000 Gold System

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The Dogtra EF-3000 Gold System has a feature many other invisible fences lack – it allows for individual correction settings on each dog’s collar, making it ideal for owners with multiple dogs. The collar includes 5 different static correction settings and a vibrate-only setting. The collar has an updated, rechargeable battery lasting longer than older models. However, this system is fairly old and is known for its clunky appearance.

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 A Quick Look At Humane Contain HC-800

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One of the most cost-effective options, Humane Contain is sold with two collars and covers 100 acres for about $100.00. It includes a battery backup and 3 different correction levels. It also works with automatic dog doors. However, this product has relatively negative reviews and many complain about its unreliability. Others complain about the unattractive and extremely clunky e-collar. Weighing the pros and cons of reliability versus price is always important before purchasing. and


A Quick Look At Perimeter Technologies Ultra Dog Fence

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The Perimeter Technologies Ultra Dog Fence includes independent correction levels for each collar and a sleek, compact design. This technology allows you to change frequencies to avoid interfering with your neighbours’ technology and creates an extra measure to keep your pet safe. The e-collar is softer than most others and known for its comfortable design. However, the battery is not rechargeable and the perimeter battery replacement can be costly.


Invisible Fences VS Traditional Fences

Chain Link Fence by Jay Fencing

Choosing the right fencing option for your dog can be stressful and confusing. It’s important to pick the right option for both you and your pet. Invisible fences are a cheaper option than traditional fencing. Most can be installed in a matter of hours and require less maintenance than a traditional fence. Most invisible fences will not have a problem spanning different types of terrain, whereas building a fence on a rocky slope may be difficult for the do-it-yourselfer. Some dog breeds and individual dogs have the tendency to jump over or dig under fences. With an invisible fence, you reduce the likelihood of escape in this manner. There is also no chance that you will forget to close a gate or properly secure your fence when your pet is outside.

However, invisible fences have their fair share of cons as well. Many people assume that once you buy and install an invisible fence, the work is over. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Invisible fences only work with time and effort dedicated to training. Since the static correction is never enough to actually hurt or harm a dog, dogs will not immediately understand what the shock means and cross the boundary lines. You must take the time to teach your dog what the fence is and where it is. With traditional fencing, you do not have to worry about additional training. Traditional fences also work both ways – they prevent your dog from leaving the yard and prevent hazards from entering. Invisible fences only prevent your dog from leaving.

Invisible fences can be reliable, but there is always a chance of a dead battery or broken wire. Dogs may also exhibit increased barrier frustration when they are able to see another dog, human, or stimulant beyond the invisible fence that they cannot access.

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Jay Fencing – Helping You Pick The Perfect Fence

 The best way to determine which fencing option is right for you is to reach out to Jay Fencing Ltd. We understand your desire to keep your loved ones, including pets, safe. With Jay Fencing you can expect these services every time we serve you:
  • Master level craftsmanship and attention to lifespan augmentation
  • Careful consideration of community requirements
  • Personal and property security
  • Protected play for children and pets
  • Over 28 years of experience delivering quality service to our clients

“Everything looks great. Thank you again. The dogs love going into the yard. They’ve missed running outside like freaks barking their faces off. Thank you for being the professionals you are and working with us. We are very pleased with the work and the follow ups you have provided.”

– Lynn, Guelph – More testimonials here

We service customers everywhere from Stratford to Brantford,  Mississauga to Fergus, and everywhere in between. Book a consultation today and Jay Fencing can help you pick the right perimeter for your property.

Bylaw Summary: Fencing rules and regulations for fencing in Kitchener

When considering a fence project or an enclosure around your pool, don’t get caught red-handed by bylaw complaints leading to costs for re-work or fines($5000 maximum) on your fences. Jay Fencing is your expert advisor on planning and installing bylaw-compliant perimeters. This article features a highlight of resources for those planning a fencing project followed by key items to consider when building residential or commercial perimeters.

kitchener logo Kitchener Bylaws Resources Relating to Fencing

Once your fencing or pool project is complete, the last thing you want is to be served a notice of bylaw infraction. This may  lead a homeowner to have to pay for additional materials and labour to comply with city bylaws. The following content is a summary of key bylaw related documents:

The information provided is a summary of key items and is in no way a substitute for an actual review of by-laws on property maintenance which may be found here.

Key Topics for Fencing Rules and Regulationsbylaw focus topics

Results of Nonconformance
If changes are not made to conform to bylaws on receipt of a complaint to the City’s Bylaw Enforcement offices, the following things may happen: legal action will be taken against you by the city, a maximum fine for non-compliance of $500, and additional costs required to modify your fencing perimeter.

Driveway Gates
Driveway fencing along with a gate are permitted, providing the gate is at least 2.59 meters (8.5ft.) wide

Electrical /Barbed Wire Fenceselectric barbwire fence
Both types of fences are prohibited from residential properties.

  • Electrical and barbed wire fences are both permitted on agriculture properties for the purpose of containing livestock
  • Barbed wire fences are permitted on these bases as where the wire sits on top of a fence on top of a commercial property, with wires projecting towards the property, and for recreational, operational, or storage facilities owned and operated by City of Kitchener.

Things to Know When Building a Residential Fence

  • A permit to construct a fence is only required if it encloses a  swimming pool
  • If an exemption is required from the Fence Bylaw an application may be submitted for minor deviations to the City Hall – see here for more info
  • For interior lots(property located in the middle of the block) fences can be a maximum height of:
    • Front yard max height: 0.93 metres (3 ft.)
    • Rear/side yards max height: 2.4 metres (8ft.)
  • For corner lots fences can be a maximum height of:
    • Front yard max height: 0.9 metres (3 ft.) high, within 1.5 metres (5 ft.) of the side lot abutting a street and within any driveway (DVT -see red circle) or corner visibility triangle(CVT – see green circle in image), including a neighbour’s driveway.
    • Alternative front yard max height: 1.82 metres (6ft.) high if the fence is set back at least 1.5 metres (5 ft.) from the side lot abutting a street.
    • Rear and interior side yards max height2.4 metres (8 ft.) if they are set back a minimum of 4.5 metres (15 ft.) from the side lot abutting a street

Things to Know When Building a Fence for Industrial or Commercial Lots

In this instance, the same rules for bylaws apply for residential properties (interior and corner lots) except fences can be erected to enclose a front yard if these requirements are satisfied:

  • Minimum distance away from front line: 7.62 metres (25 ft.) from the front line and must not be located within the corner visibility triangle (see image above with red annotations).

Summary of Pool Enclosure Requirements

pool enclosure requirementsHere is an excerpt of the Pool Enclosure Requirements listed in the resources section of the article. These stipulations help ensure the safety and economic use of space for your family, commercial business, and the community.

  • Minimum height of pool enclosure/gate: 1.52 metres ( 5 ft.)
  • Minimum height of pool enclosure:
    • Space between fence and grade not to exceed: 0.10 metres (4 inches)
    • Fence components running horizontally, vertical distance between components must be at least: 0.91 metres (3 ft.) apart or
    • Minimum height of pool enclosure: 0.04 metres (1.5 inches)
    • Distance from fences that do not meet provisions, minimum: 1 metres (3.28 ft.) away
    • If your pool enclosure is within 1 metre (3.28 ft.) of a fence that does not meet provisions , the height of the pool enclose must be at least 2.44 metre (8 ft.) in height

Additional Stipulations:

  • Every aspect of fence enclosing a swimming pool will restrict access into the enclosed area
  • No person shall place or lean a moveable object against the enclosure that aids in the climbing of the fence
  • Access for ladders or stairs  to above ground pools must be locked or supervised by an adult
  • A pool is not permitted to be filled with water unless it has been enclosed in accordance with provisions (indicated here in full)

Jay Fencing Frees You from Dealing with Fencing Rules and Regulations

Having worked with clients who owned properties of all shapes and sizes, we have a deep understanding and practical know how ensuring great looking fences that meet bylaws in your city. The best way to determine which fencing option is for you is to reach out to Jay Fencing Ltd. Let Jay Fencing deal with the fine print and bylaws while you focus on your business and family, all at the very best value. With Jay Fencing you can expect these services every time we serve you:

  • Careful consideration to community requirements
  • Personal and property security
  • Privacy
  • Protected play for children and pets
  • Over 28 years of experience delivering quality service to Kitchener-Waterloo clients
“We can’t say enough about Jay Fencing.  Everyone, and I mean everyone that we have been in touch with, has been absolutely wonderful.  We are so excited to have our deck completed this fall and will look forward to next spring and summer to enjoy it. Thank you to everyone at Jay Fencing.  You are an amazing company and we will highly recommend you to anyone.”

– Janis – Read more testimonials here

We service customers everywhere from Stratford, to Brantford, to Mississauga, to Fergus and everyone in between. Book a consultation today and Jay Fencing can help you pick the right perimeter for your property.

When is it Legal to Install an Electric Fence?

When is it Legal to Install an Electric Fence?

electric fence

If you’re planning on installing an electric fence, it is important that you know the Bylaws for your area. Depending on where you live, it may not be legal to install an electric fence at all, or it may only be allowed under specific circumstances. Know the Bylaws before you invest in a fence that may not be allowed in your area! For all of the following cities, towns, and counties, electric fences are only permitted on farm lands – not within the city. However, each municipality and area has its own Bylaws and regulations regarding what is or is not considered farm land and specific regulations about what is and is not allowed regarding electric fences on farm land. For more information, contact Jay Fencing now!

Note: This is not legal advice.

Fencing Bylaws – Can I Install an Electric Fence?

The following list is summarized information collected from each respective city, town, or township’s bylaw information page.

The City of Waterloo

No electric fences are permitted.

Waterloo Bylaws

The City of Kitchener

Electric fences are only permitted on farm land for the use of containing livestock.

Kitchener Bylaws

The City of Hamilton

No electric fences are permitted on any property except on farm land used for the protection of livestock and crops. The fence must meet any requirements set out by the Canadian Standards Association.

> Hamilton Bylaws

The Town of Erin

An electric fence may be used only for agricultural purposes, with two stipulations:
1. The fence can only have a maximum of 12-volt trickle charge
2. Its only purpose is to contain animals

> Erin Bylaws

Brant County

No electric fences are permitted except on farmland (“land designated as agricultural by the zoning bylaws”) used for the protection of livestock. Electric fences must follow these guidelines:

1. Maximum electrical current cannot be over 120 volts at 0.04 amps

2. The electric portion of the fence must begin at least 1.21 meters (4 feet) from the ground level unless a different height or construction is found to be a normal farming practice

> Brant County Bylaws

City of Woodstock

No electric fences are permitted except on land that has been defined on record at the assessment department as “farmlands.”

> Woodstock Bylaws

Didn’t see your city or town listed above? Click here to view Jay Fencing’s complete bylaw listings page.

Why Install An Electric Fence?

There is primarily only one use for an electric fence: the containment of animals, usually on specified agricultural land. Electric fences are never meant to harm livestock, only to startle them to keep them within the property’s boundaries and safe from harm. Electric fences are great at keeping your animals in and unwanted animals out.

If it is legal in your area to install an electric fence, you may be wondering what type is best for your livestock. Remember, each city, town, or township has specific bylaws and regulations that must be followed when erecting an electric fence. Some of the following suggestions may not be possible in your area. If you aren’t sure about the rules and regulations in your area, read the bylaws or call a representative from your area to find out.

There are suggested types of electric fencing based on the animals and livestock you are trying to contain.

  • Chickens/poultry: Electric netting or a few wires spaced apart to keep poultry in and predators out
  • Sheep and Goats:  Three wires: 10, 20, and 30 inches off the ground
  • Pigs: Use poly ribbon or rope and start with wires at 8 and 16 inches off the ground
  • Horses/mules/donkeys: Place 3 wires at the average height of your herd’s knees, point of shoulder, or slightly below withers
  • Cattle: Cattle are the easiest to contain and usually only require one strand of poly wire right at nose level


Electric Fence Alternatives

Chain Link Fence by Jay Fencing

Chain Link Fence by Jay Fencing

If you do not own a farm but wanted an electric fence to keep your dogs safe or your property secured, there are many safer alternatives that comply with the bylaws of your area. If you are worried about your dogs escaping, proper training and regular fencing can easily do the trick. A wooden fence provides both privacy for your property, a barrier to keep intruders away, and a secure containment option for pets.

A chain link fence is an affordable option that, although providing limited privacy, is a great and cost effective way to keep beloved pets safe in your yard. If your area allows chickens to be kept on non-agricultural land, you may not be allowed an electric fence. In this case, plastic fences or netting can effectively be used to contain your poultry and keep them safe.

Source: and

Jay Fencing – Helping You Pick The Perfect Fence

The best way to determine which fencing option is right for you is to reach out to Jay Fencing Ltd. Let Jay Fencing deal with the fine print and bylaws and security headaches while you focus on your business and family, all at the very best value. With Jay Fencing you can expect these services every time we serve you:

  • Master level craftsmanship and attention to lifespan augmentation
  • Careful consideration of community requirements
  • Personal and property security
  • Protected play for children and pets
  • Over 28 years of experience delivering quality service to our clients

“We absolutely love the fence. It looks fantastic and our neighbours were so impressed with the work that was completed. Our dog is loving the backyard. We think he believes that he is at a cottage and not his own backyard.”

– Rebecca & Keri, Chain-Link Fence, Guelph – More testimonials here

We service customers everywhere from Stratford to Brantford,  Mississauga to Fergus, and everywhere in between. Book a consultation today and Jay Fencing can help you pick the right perimeter for your property.


Top 20 Super Privacy Fence Designs

Privacy fences don’t have to look boring and unwelcoming. Though many choose a traditional white picket fence when looking for an aesthetically pleasing fence, that is not your only option! The following Top 20 Super Privacy Fence Designs list proves that you can have a beautiful fence without sacrificing privacy. If you’re ready to install your own super privacy fence, contact Jay Fencing today!

Top Tips For Finding & Getting The Perfect Privacy Fence

  • Search online for inspiration! It’s great to see what options are out there before purchasing your privacy fence. You may not know exactly what you want, but it is important to go in with an idea of what you want so you aren’t left feeling lost and frustrated during the process.
  • Know your materials and fence styles! Knowing the pros and cons, narrowing down the fence material you want, and style of fence you prefer, will help you during your search and keep you from getting overwhelmed by the many available options.
  • Hire an experienced installer! Post hole digging and fence installation can not only be frustrating for the inexperienced installer, but can also leave you with serious injuries. An experienced installer will help you avoid all the potential DIY pitfalls while installing a fence.

Top 20 Super Privacy Fence Designs

This list features noteworthy privacy fence designs made from many different types of materials. These fences show that privacy fences can be beautiful and unique while maintaining their original purpose – to protect your privacy.

Number 1 – Uneven Wooden Boards

This particular wooden fence happens to enclose the backyard of a beautiful cabin resort. The uneven wooden boards create a unique look from an otherwise classic style. The boards look both rustic and natural. The board-on-board design ensures lots of privacy for the home (or cabin) owner. If you’re looking for a rustic and beautiful privacy fence, this natural looking design might be for you.


Number 2 – Bamboo Fence

If you’re looking for something totally different from your neighbour’s fence, maybe this beautiful bamboo fence is right for you! With dark reds, browns, and yellows mixed in, the fence is sure to stand out. Bamboo fences are environmentally friendly and can easily be stained to whatever colour you prefer! You may be surprised, but bamboo is strong and is resistant to both excessive heat and snow. This bamboo fence provides tons of privacy while looking fantastic on any property.

Sources: and

Number 3 –  Modern Wood With Built-In Shelves

Modern style fences are becoming more and more popular for both decorative and privacy fences. This featured fence made our list for its remarkable modern look. This fence is built with smooth, horizontal boards and includes built-in outdoor lights and shelves. If you have a smaller backyard with less space for a garden, why not plant your garden vertically along your fence? Or if you just like the look of a modern fence over traditional or rustic, this may be your perfect fence.

Number 4 – Low Vinyl Fence

Privacy fences do not have to be fortresses if you prefer the look of a shorter fence. This white vinyl privacy fence does the perfect job providing just the right amount of privacy for this backyard sanctuary. The homeowners have decorated their yard with black and red, looking stylish against the clean white backdrop of the fence.

Source: Fence by Jay Fencing


Number 5 – Sheet Metal & Wood Combination


This privacy fence is ideal for those who can’t decide on their favourite fencing material. This fence combines sheet metal with vertical wooden boards to create a remarkable privacy fence design. This fence is the perfect balance between a modern and classic look and can be easily customized to suit the homeowner’s needs. For example, this featured fence is set behind an attractive rock wall and garden, tying everything in this backyard together. Lanterns or lights may be added to the fence, or a lattice top depending on the designer’s preference.

Number 6 – The Shutter Fence


If you need a privacy fence, have some extra time and would like an interesting and challenging DIY project, this may be the answer to all your concerns. This awesome privacy fence was made from repurposed shutters. The maker of this featured fence stated that she purchased the materials from thrift stores, garage sales, and from various sellers online.

Because some areas have Bylaws regarding what materials can be used for fencing, it’s best to check your area before building this interesting fence! If this fence is okay for your city or town, it would probably look best by a cottage or farm house. It may be a little too much for the typical subdivision!

Number 7 – Classic White

This classic white fence stands out from all the greenery around it, looking clean and modern. This look can come in vinyl or wood, depending on your budget and your material preference. This traditional look is far from boring, it’s easy to maintain, and provides lots of privacy for the homeowner. If you prefer a simple look, then this may be your ideal fence.

Number 8 – Privacy Pickets

If you want the look of a classic picket fence but feel they don’t provide enough privacy, this fence may an excellent choice for your home! Though this fence does allow some visibility and is not as tall as other privacy fences on this list, many homeowners prefer this look. This swooped fence would look great painted white or left just as it is.

Source: Fence by Jay Fencing

Number 9 – Horizontal/Vertical Boards

Can’t decide if you prefer vertical or horizontal fence boards? Well, this privacy fence design is perfect for the indecisive mind! An otherwise traditional fence is given a modern treatment. This fence looks different without being too “out there” for those that don’t want to stand out much from their neighbours. This fancy fence made our list due to its versatility, and its simultaneously classic and unique look.

Number 10 – Slatted Wood Fence


This slatted wooden privacy fence provides a tiny bit of visibility while maintaining its purpose as a privacy fence. This featured fence is a great example of how a fence can still be a privacy fence even while allowing some air flow and visibility through its thin horizontal slats. Wrapped around a deck or used along the entirety of your yard, this beautiful wooden fence provides a private space while still looking great.

Number 11 – Corrugated Metal


If your favourite thing about the sheet metal & wood combination fence was the metal part, then you’ll love this corrugated metal fence! A fence that provides total privacy for your backyard retreat, this fence made our list due to its individual look. Drive around the suburbs and it’s unlikely you’ll come across any fence that looks like this one. Though it may not be the easiest fence to customize, if this is the look you love, you won’t need to add anything to make it unique.

Number 12 – Repurposed Pallets

This awesome fence made our list for similar reasons to the shutter fence – repurposing old materials and looking incredible while doing it! Yes, this DIY fence is made from old wooden pallets screwed together at 45-degree angles, creating its unique chevron pattern. Though this featured fence is only a small section of fencing, if you like the style and want privacy for your entire yard, it’s totally possible to create this design for your whole yard!

Number 13 – Horizontal/Vertical Boards #2


There isn’t just one way to do vertical/horizontal boards! The strong and sturdy fence by Jay Fencing has a unique design without straying too far from the classic backyard fence look. It allows full privacy while maintaining stylish and secure. This fence would look great on almost any property, as it is beautiful and different, but wouldn’t turn heads if found in a subdivision.

Source: Fence by Jay Fencing


Number 14 – Sloped Fence Combo

Can’t decide between pickets and a tall privacy fence? Why not have both? This custom fence provides privacy right where the homeowners please, while also allowing visibility on the other side of the fence with lower fence boards. The fence has a slope, gradually going from taller to shorter. This is one beautiful, unique fence!


Number 15 – Partial Privacy Fence

Maybe fencing in your entire yard is not something you want to or plan on doing, but privacy is still a concern. If that’s the case, this sectional fence is a great idea! Acting almost like a gazebo, this small fence provides the perfect amount of privacy for this little backyard living space.


Number 16 – Repurposed Pallets #2

A totally different take on the repurposed pallets look, this quaint little fence appears to offer little privacy at first glance. However, when those plants grow in between the boards, they will fill the space and offer privacy along with a beautiful flourishing garden. This fence isn’t for everyone, but it is a great look to draw inspiration from!


Number 17 – Carved Wood & Concrete Combo

What may at first sound like an odd combination comes together perfectly in this little patio backyard. A carved wooden fence paired together with a decorated concrete wall come together well and complete this at-home outdoor oasis. Though this combination may not be possible in many homes, there are many other ways you can incorporate fence design and material combinations that work for you.


Number 18 – The Sound Wall

Now, who said sound walls couldn’t be beautiful? Sometimes, you may want or even need a sound wall to protect part of your property. Sound walls offer tons of privacy but are often not a homeowner’s first choice. Sound walls often look bland and boring. Done right, however, they can actually make a property or a backyard look even better!

Source: Sound wall by Jay Fencing

Number 19 – DIY Planter Screens

If you’re up for an easy DIY fence building project, these adorable planter privacy screens will look perfect in almost any backyard or cottage. Though many DIY projects like this one cannot provide the level of privacy a permanent fence can, they are a great choice for those who have a small space to cover or just enjoy hands-on DIY projects. These screens can also be placed in addition to permanent fencing, as they are also a decorative piece.


Number 20 – Decorated Dark Wood


If you prefer the look of a simple fence or already have a simple fence installed in your yard but want to add a bit of colour or character, why not add a few decorations? These red butterflies bring this dark wood fence to life and add the perfect splash of colour without becoming overwhelming.


Jay Fencing – Helping You Create Your Own Super Privacy Fence

ontario fencing - wood fence panels

From privacy fences to commercial fences, Jay Fencing can help you build your ultimate dream fence! As the featured fences above show, it’s totally possible to have a super stunning privacy fence while maintaining aesthetics and functionality. Jay Fencing can help you decide which fence is best for your budget, your needs, and your property. We offer privacy screens, wooden fences, vinyl fences, and more.

“Hi Jay,
I just wanted to tell you what a great job was done today by the two gentlemen who finished the installation of my fence. The fence looks great and the cleanup job was superb. They worked very hard and were most professional. Thank you.
– A happy customer!”

– Jessica, Waterloo – Read more testimonials here


If you’ve been inspired by this post and are ready to move forward with your own fence,
contact Jay Fencing today or book a consultation now!


Additional Article Source:

Top 10 Stunning Wood Fence Designs

When people say that wood fences are customizable, they really mean it! You might be surprised how many different and unique fence designs are out there! From a vintage birdhouse fence to an ultra-modern wooden fence, the following list features 10 creative fences that have been turned into true statement pieces. If you’re interested and ready to build your own stunning fence, contact Jay Fencing today!

Top 10 Stunning Wood Fence Designs

Below are the spectacular fences that made our top 10 list. These beautiful fences were selected due to a variety of reasons including their aesthetic appeal, creativity, unique designs, and their ability to inspire others searching for their dream fence!

Number 1 – The Marble Fence

Are you looking for a truly unique, eye-catching fence? This whimsical design is a fun way to add colour to your wood fence without painting it. Adding marbles – yes, glass marbles – to each fence board creates an almost magical look. As the sun reflects off the marbles at different times of day, the marbles change colour and the fence looks unique all over again!


Number 2 – The Modern Fence

Source: Minimalisti

Though wood fences are often described as traditional and even old-fashioned, that doesn’t have to be the case. If your home or taste happens to be a bit more modern, you don’t have to give up on having your very own wood fence. This beautiful wooden privacy fence surrounds a backyard oasis and looks perfectly at home alongside other modern touches.


Number 3 – Thick Pickets

A new take on an old design, this adorable picket fence has thicker pickets and a light colour, adding a modern twist. Though this design doesn’t work as a privacy fence, it would definitely add character to a little backyard garden or around the front of your house. The quaint little gate completes this design. This fence would look perfect on either a traditional country farmhouse or a new suburban home.


Number 4 – Horizontal Fence

This stunning dark-stained horizontal wood fence provides both privacy and aesthetics. It combines the traditional and the modern. This board-on-board cedar fence is a truly beautiful statement piece. The homeowner wanted both a privacy fence and an exciting new additional to her home – she definitely ended up with both!

“I Honestly had no idea I could be this excited about a fence…but that’s because I didn’t realize how completely transforming the right fence design could be to a backyard!” – Cassie from


Number 5 – Birdhouse Fence

picket fence design bird house

Source: Dump A Day via Pinterest

Also featured on our Top 12 Amazing Picket Fence Designs list, this vintage-style birdhouse fence can turn a simple picket fence into a unique fence with tons of character. For those nature lovers out there, imagine a fence that not only looks attractive but can actually double as a safe haven for local birds.  If you’re looking for a rustic and truly unique fence, this design is the way to go.

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Number 6 – Lattice Top

No one said that this classic and simple look couldn’t also be stunning, did they? If you drive through any suburban neighbourhood, you’re likely to see many backyards surrounded by this type of fence. Not everyone is looking to have the most unique fence on the block – and that’s okay! This featured lattice top fence proves that you can have a beautiful, simple, traditional fence without going “all out.” This dark stained, board-on-board design provides privacy and completes this backyard retreat.


Number 7 – Square Lattice

Source: Reno Guide

This sturdier version of a traditional lattice fence provides a clear boundary without completely blocking your view. The different sized boards create a fun and unique look, adding personality to a backyard of any size. This style of fence can be used throughout the backyard, or as a statement piece around your deck or garden!


Number 8 – The Shrub Picket Combo

Picket fences do not typically provide much, if any, privacy. However, this stylish design combines shrubbery with traditional wood fence panels to create a completely different look! The shrubs close up all the gaps in this picket-style fence, allowing significantly more privacy than a normal picket fence would. The shrubs also add their own elements of design and colour. Though this fence may require a bit more maintenance, if you’re looking for a striking fence for your suburban home, this is a great option.


Number 9 – Rustic Flowerpot Fence

For those who aren’t into the modern look at all, this rustic wooden fence complete with colourful flower pots may be the perfect fence for you. If gardening is your thing, why not make your small flower pots as easily accessible as possible by securing them to your fence? This quaint little fence has a true cottage look and feel.


Number 10 – Wood and Black Iron Combo

Source: Reno Guide

Our final fence on this list is another wood combination – this time, wood and black iron. The dark red wood and iron beams create an almost gothic look. This is definitely the perfect fence for someone who wants something completely different – as it transcends the rustic, traditional, or modern categories.



Jay Fencing – Helping You Create Your Own Stunning Fence

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From iron to chain link to wood fences, Jay Fencing can help you build your ultimate dream fence! As the list above shows, fences are more than just a boundary marker. Fences are a way to express your individual taste and style, and a great way to add some extra flair to your home or property. You can count on Jay Fencing’s experienced team to help you create a strong, well-built, and aesthetically pleasing fence!

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