How Much Does a Privacy Fence Cost?

How Much Does

A Privacy Fence Cost?

A Look At Your Different Options

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If you are considering adding a privacy fence to your property, the first question you will likely ask is “How much does a privacy fence cost?” Cost is often the biggest determining factor of what type of fence you choose, so it is important to get a good idea of what the final price tag will be when planning for your new fence. The average price for a good quality, wooden privacy fence is approximately $2,700.00 (USD), or $3,600.00 CAD. However, many factors come into play such as the materials (what type of wood? Do you want vinyl instead? What about a sound wall?) as well as the installation costs and size of your yard. We’ll take a look at all of these factors below. Or, if you are interested in getting a quote for your own privacy fence, contact the experts at Jay Fencing now for a free consultation!

How Much Does a Privacy Fence Cost?

Continue reading below to see a breakdown of privacy fence costs by type of fence and size of backyard. It is nearly impossible to narrow down the average lot size for an Ontario home. For example, in Kitchener, a townhouse backyard may be 50 feet deep or less, while a detached or semi-detached suburban home may have a lot size of 120 feet deep or more. Some properties may even have half an acre or more of property, depending on the location. 

To get the most accurate estimate, you will need to work with a fence installation company. The only way you can know exactly how much your new fence will cost is if someone comes to your unique property, measures, and looks at your landscape. However, the guide below will help you get a good understanding of the average costs associated with popular materials used in different sized yards.

Note – The estimates below are converted from USD to CAD. Please keep in mind that conversion rates change over time, which may cause fluctuations in these price differences. The converted numbers are accurate as of April 23, 2019. Also note that these are just estimates. The only way to get an exact number is by working directly with a fence installer.

Wooden Privacy Fences - How Much Do They Cost?

Note: The estimates taken below are from Home Advisor’s 2019 Wooden Fence Installation Costs article, and have been converted from USD to CAD. The following estimates take into consideration an average 6-foot tall picket.

Wooden fences will vary the most in price, as lower quality wood costs significantly less than high quality wood.  For example, Spruce, which is considered one of the most cost-effective options, will cost approximately $7 per foot.

 A mid-quality wood, Western Red Cedar, will cost approximately $9 per foot. A higher-end wood such as Redwood will cost approximately $10.50 per foot or more. Extremely high-quality woods, such as tropical hardwoods, may cost up to $20 per foot or more.

Installation fees for the average 6 foot privacy fence will range from anywhere from $10 per foot to $100+ per foot. However, on average, you will likely spend between $10 – $30 in total for both installation fees and materials. Take a look at the list below to get an idea of how much it would cost for a small backyard (20 x 85 feet), a mid-sized backyard (30 x 110 feet) and a larger backyard (60 x 120 feet). 

Small Backyard Estimates – 20 x 85 Feet

  • Lowest Cost Materials & Labour ($10 per foot) = $1,900
  • Mid-Range Materials & Labour ($20 per foot) = $3,800
  • Higher-Range Materials & Labour ($30 per foot) = $5,700

Mid-Size Backyard Estimates – 30 x 110 Feet

  • Lowest Cost Materials & Labour ($10 per foot) = $2,500
  • Mid-Range Materials & Labour ($20 per foot) = $5,000
  • Higher-Range Materials & Labour ($30 per foot) = $7,500

Larger Backyard Estimates – 60 x 120 Feet

  • Lowest Cost Materials & Labour ($10 per foot) = $3,000
  • Mid-Range Materials & Labour ($20 per foot) = $6,000
  • Higher-Range Materials & Labour ($30 per foot) = $9,000

Remember, these are just estimates. For example, an irregular shaped lot, lot on a slope, or a lot with lots of difficult terrain or rocky soil may cost more due to increased labour and materials required to get the job done. A perfectly flat lot and labour without any hidden surprises may end up costing you less than you thought! Either way, this is why it is so important you work closely with a reputable fence installation company – so that you can have the most accurate quote to help you budget for your fence!

Vinyl Privacy Fences - How Much Do They Cost?

With a vinyl privacy fence, you won’t see as much variation in costs. That’s because there is just not as much variation in materials and labour costs. Unlike wooden fences, where there is a huge price gap due to quality and types of wood available, vinyl fences will be fairly standard across the board. Of course, there are more cost-effective and higher-end options, but you won’t see as large a price variation.

Vinyl is, on average, more expensive than a wooden fence to install. It costs approximately $26 – $33 per foot in total and to install. Vinyl is lower maintenance than wood and easy to maintain, so although you may pay more upfront, many homeowners prefer it as you never need to paint and rarely if ever need to make repairs.

Small Backyard Estimates – 20 x 85 Feet

  • Lower Cost Materials & Labour ($26 per foot) = $4,940
  • Higher Cost Materials & Labour ($33 per foot) = $6,270

Mid-Sized Backyard Estimates – 30 x 110 Feet

  • Lower Cost Materials & Labour ($26 per foot) = $6,500
  • Higher Cost Materials & Labour ($33 per foot) = $8,250

Larger Backyard Estimates – 60 x 120 Feet

  • Lower Cost Materials & Labour ($26 per foot) = $7,800
  • Higher Cost Materials & Labour ($33 per foot) = $9,900

On average, a vinyl fence will cost around $4,600, but as you can see from above, that price will vary depending on the lot size and the total installation cost. Vinyl is considered one of the more expensive fencing options, but it is sleek and generally attractive. Many homeowners prefer the styles that resemble wood.

How Much Do Other Fencing Options Cost?

If you are not yet sure if a privacy fence is right for you, or if you are still keeping other options in mind, here are the costs for two other very popular types of fencing: chain link and wrought iron. Though iron and chain link are generally not a great choice for privacy fences, they can be modified to include privacy slats or you can plant bushes and shrubs around your fence to increase privacy.

Chain Link Fencing Costs

Chain link fencing is often considered the most cost-effective fencing solution. It costs as little as $13 – $26 (CAD) per linear foot. According to Home Advisor, the average backyard is approximately 150 – 200 linear feet. That means for a 150 linear foot backyard at $13 per linear foot, your chain link fence will only cost around $1,990. The average cost for a chain link fence is $2,600. 

Wrought Iron Fencing Costs

Wrought iron fencing is on the other end of the spectrum, and is typically one of the most expensive fencing options. However, many homeowners love iron due to its beauty and durability. Wrought iron costs approximately $26 – $46 (CAD) per linear foot to install. For the average 150 linear foot backyard at $26 per linear foot, that is around $3,990 at the least expensive price point and $6,970 at the higher price point.

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