Todd Abernethy via Website Feedback Form

May 20, 2008 I would like to take this time to sincerely thank you for a fantastic fence that I will enjoy for many years to come. I live on a corner lot and the fence gives much more added character to the house. I am very very pleased with choosing Jay Fencing as I was unsure at the time on what company to choose within the tri-cities area. I heard very good things prior to the fence going up regarding companies, advising me that I was choosing the right company for the job. Two of the agencies doing locates advised me that Jay fencing was also one of the only companies doing locates for customers and that I made a good decision on my choice of fence companies. I felt at ease knowing that this company was taking the time to ensure the customer that they are professional, prepared and have great knowledge with their expertise. Their are many companies/contractors in this day and age that do not pride themselves on workmanship, professional courtesy, customer service, and clean up at the end of a job. Jay Fencing more than met all my expectations of a tremendous job well done, the workers greeted me on site and asked me time and time again if everything was okay and how I wanted it, again reassuring me that they were there for me. I made a few changes and alterations also when fence posts were already in and they replaced posts to my liking no questions asked, reassuring me once again that they were there for me, and my needs came first.

Jay Fencing prides itself on their workmanship, professional courtesy, and customer service.

I also found their pricing to be one of the best out there as I also got three¬†different prices on exact fence estimates. A special thank you to Jay and Hector who worked close with me in accomodating me with this project. In answering anyone’s questions about a fence, your special project is their special project, and if you choose Jay Fencing at the end of the job I most guarantee you that you have chosen the right company for the job. Thanks once again for an excellent experience and a job done that far exceeded my expectations….

Sincerely, Todd & Joanne Abernethy