Hi Kelly;


Thank you, for making the time to accommodate Emmett.  I realize this project was a little frustrating as we couldn’t finish everything at once.


I just wanted you to know how much your service has been appreciated.  Right from day one when I called you to basically drop everything and come and measure the back step for Helmutz, when we hadn’t even started to work together until now, you have always been there.


I have had a couple of comments from some of the people inquiring about my fence indicating that they had thought you were a little pricy.  One of them was one of my clients.  I promptly advised her that you get what you pay for.  The cheapest (from my experience) is NEVER the best option.  She agreed when I explained to her the quality that has gone into the workmanship.  Please ensure that the entire team know how much they are appreciated, including the ones that worked on the deck.


This was also the reason that I chose Precision, because I recognized their attention to detail.  The City dropped by yesterday (Warren) just to see how things were going.  He and I have been exchanging construction stories as he is currently in the process of building his own home.  He absolutely loves what is taking place.  He says he has been watching the progression for years and has taken a personal interest.


FYI plans are already in the works for a pool party in the spring.  I truly hope you and your team can attend.  I will keep you informed .