Lynn McLaughlin

Dave Day,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for the GREAT job done on my fencing. It is not only beautiful and well constructed but it fit right into my budget, too. I have received so many compliments that I would like to pass this on to you… “Well done”!

I called a few companies, stopped in to speak with them, some came out to look at what had to be done. One fellow disregarded my request for a quote. Quotes for the same size fence using the same materials ranged from $2,800 to $5,100. Only one of these business people were prepared to show me some ideas of what was possible. To say that I found them unimaginative, poorly organized, disinterested and out of tough…is an understatement. I was looking for the impossible combination: expertise, imagination, trustworthiness, good quality materials and excellent workmanship. I found ALL of those with Jay Fencing!!

I know that I was what one might easily describe as a “difficult customer”, I was slow at every turn, wasn’t really sure what I wanted (looking for suggestions), wasn’t sure what I wanted to really spend…changed my mind all too often…and through it all, not only did I not once sense any frustrations from you or your crew, but there was a thorough willingness to work with me, to make suggestions, to tell me what the better products would be for my project and my budget, and to help me see where some of my ideas would cause issues down the road. No corner cutting at my expense with your company. I felt that you were more than happy to work with me every step of the way. I cannot impart upon you what that meant to me, Dave.

I would like to once again Thank You, you and your crew were extremely knowledgeable, professional and most importantly, patient. It was such a pleasure to work with a team of individuals who not only had the needed expertise but were all too happy to provide such a superb customer service!!!

I will highly recommend Jay Fencing at every turn, it has been a pleasure working with you all. Please, feel free to use my name and or this letter as a reference anytime.

Thank you once again;

Lynn McLaughlin
p.s. I think that photos of my fence should be in your website…as it combined the metal topper and the wooden fencing and you haven’t got that on your site.